Your life experiences will affect how you run, operate, and scale your business. As a woman who was raised in a single-parent household, I witnessed my mom step outside of her femininity to raise her children by placing the role of a father on her shoulders (her words). As a child, we often replicate what […]


May 10, 2022

Step Back Into Your Femininity: Aligning Five Figure Clients

femininity: Aligned Clients-

Should you call yourself an expert? After all, is it even possible to be an expert in a topic with thousands of solutions? These thoughts flooded my mind as I opened the doors to my private mentoring program, teaching women how to walk in their expertise as Christian coaches and service providers. How does one […]


April 5, 2022

Should You Call Yourself An Expert?

The first potential high ticket blog coaching client told me, “my program wasn’t worth it.” After months of forming my signature offer – I released it to the world, and my first potential client said ” yes to everything. I was shocked! I never made more than $120 in one coaching session, so I was […]

Aundra's Secret Tips

March 5, 2022

Creating Boundaries In Your Business From Day One

Tell me, how often do you hear the word scale & 6 figures within the online space, and your gut instantly drop within your knees because you do not know how it’s even possible? After all, you’ve unsuccessfully brought in consistent revenue; how can one scale a rollercoaster business? I’m glad you asked! Grab a […]

Aundra's Secret Tips

February 4, 2022

4 things you need to know about scaling a Christian business

Let’s cut to the chase… I’m sure you have at least raised your price & lowered your price all within one day… possibly one sitting. Charging premium prices when you’re used to undervalue yourself will feel confusing and quite frankly it’s gut-wrenching to believe that someone would invest that much in you. Here’s what I […]


January 5, 2022

Why Charging Premium High Ticket Price Is Scary For New Businesses

why charging premium prices feel scary for new business owners- Aundra Williams

Creating an online business is one of the fastest ways to live out your dream life, but it’s one of the scariest and overwhelming experiences. If you’re an online entrepreneur, you desire to bring more income into your business to live out your dream life. To work from home, to travel the world either solo […]


November 29, 2021

The fastest way to $5k/$10k month in your online business