Creating a Memorable Client Onboarding Experience


Creating a memorable onboarding experience for your client doesn’t have to be stressful. It should be a moment of liberation because all of your efforts honing in on your message, creating valuable content have now come to reward you.

From experience stepping into selling services was a whirlwind of emotions and hiccups. New onboarding clients felt a disconnect on how I delivered my services compared to how I spoke about it on social. The way I envisioned to affect my client felt lackluster.

The list could go on from missing emails to clients not understanding how to contact me.

Essentially,  creating a memorable onboarding experience for your client could make or break your business because it is your business’s entry point.

There are many ways to effectively onboard clients, but you’ll gain a step-by-step guide on how to onboard a new client into your program seamlessly within this post.

[ note this blog post is best for service-based entrepreneurs ]

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1.Setting up your contact page

Your website’s contact page is one of the top viewed pages your customers and readers will navigate to the most. Ideally, you want to construct your contact page correctly to funnel traffic properly.

If you’re missing elements such as service hours and your business location, you’re already setting the tone for your business.

You want the first interaction with our brand to answer questions about the process. If you leave them guessing on how the process works, you’ll potentially lose that client.

Here are few things to include to ensure professionalism:

1. Hours of service

2. Location

3. When your inquires should expect to hear your response

4. Frequently asked questions

  Disclaimer: I am affiliated with Honeybook, and I will mention affiliate links. I only suggest memberships I use personally in my business.

2.Inquiry Contact Form

After you’ve successfully set up your contact, you’ll want to get yourself a CRM. A CRM is your relational client manager; picture this as your streamlined best friend.

I’ve been using HoneyBook to help book clients more efficiently and stay organized as a busy solopreneur. The top two CRM worth mentioning is Honeybook and Dubsado.

You’ll have many service-based entrepreneurs proclaim one over the other, but ideally, choosing one of these platforms to automate and onboard clients into your service or program will set the tone for your business.

Nothing is worse than charging high tickets but yet taking invoice payments through Paypal.

The contact form that Honeybook provides is your lead generator. Once the new client inquiry fills out the contact form, the inquiry will become prompted with welcome emails.

It’s important to embed this form into the contact page because without this structure, and your client’s emails might get lost in the pools of others in your inbox folder.

3. Creating A Memorable Workflow Experience


Creating canned workflow messages once a new inquiry fills out the contact form will appear as if you’re working around the clock in your business.

But, we all know you’re somewhere watching Netflix or spending time with your family. When attempting to create a memorable experience for your client, be ten steps ahead of the game. 

Depending on which CRM you used ( Honeybook), you’ll create your workflow by following the below steps:

1. Create all your welcome introductory emails.

2. Set a trigger to the emails.

3. Depending on if your wait-listing your clients, you’ll continue this process until the day of your coaching.


4. Set Clear Expectations

Properly communicate to your clients throughout the onboarding process. Set clear expectations by communicating and stepping into your role position as the CEO of your business. Poor communication in your business will lead to unclear boundaries. Speak clearly about what to expect as your client.

5. Gifting Memorable Gifts & Resources

Deliverables are a fantastic way to wow your clients as service-based entrepreneurs. Attach all welcome files, swipe files, and welcome onboarding gifts to your clients. Giving deliverables to your client will impress them and give them the full assurance that they’ve made the best decision to hire your services. 

Things to gift within your service/consulting business

  1. Swipe Files
  2. Templates
  3. Starbucks Gift Card
  4. Journals & Pens



Now you have all the steps on creating a lasting impression on your clients; which stage helped you the most?




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