The Formula For Creating A Sales Page That Actually Converts


We all want a high-converting sales page, but ask yourself when was the last time you were excited about designing a sales page?

There’s a lot of mystery and question around sales pages.

Do you need a sales page since you’re converting clients via social media?

How do you design a high-converting sales page for your offers?

What type of copy should be included on the page?

By creating a sales page, clients can conveniently choose and purchase the service or offer that best suits their business needs, leading to increased revenue..

While social selling is common, I still focus on creating landing pages, website pages, and opt-in forms to build trust in client and customer transactions..

In today’s post, we’re revealing how it’s not a coincidence that you’ll find reviews, links, pricing, and tons of other elements on a service page.


The Formula For Creating A Sales Page That Actually Converts


Communicate Who The Offer Is for On The Sales Page

Don’t waste time communicating or targeting the wrong potential buyer. Always include who you’re targeting within the page- coach? Service providers? Busy moms, corporate leaders, etc.

Pro tip: You don’t have always to call out the industry or PERSON you could call out the characteristics or pain points that an individual might be experiencing.



Creating sections Within The Sales Page For A Higher Readership

Avoid long chunky text that overwhelms the reader, but focus on breaking your sales page into multiple sections, such as:

The Header Section:

  • Captivating Product/ Offer Title
  • Image of product or brand image

The Body Section:

  • Text explaining the product with a mixture of personal storytelling
  • Product offer details,  pricing, and inclusions

The Closing Section:

  • Call-to-Action to join inside of your offer or purchase now

Utilize bullet points, include multiple links, and use clear, concise language for easy understanding by potential buyers..

Pro Tip: be strategic with your links. What action do you want people to take? Enroll now. Book a call? Buy now? Whichever action is required, be strategic with the placement and wording within your call to action.


Negative Space For A Higher Conversion Rate



Using elements of white space (space buttons depending on the theme or sales page template you’re using) will allow you to add elements or color blocks without overwhelming your potential buyers because you didn’t fill the entire page with those features.

Remember, the end goal is to have the page convert, giving your readers a chance to digest the information to make the empowered steps to move forward.

Similar to the previous point, you do not want to overwhelm the buyer. Add space to your page and allow the text to breathe.


Testimonials Placed Within Multiple Sections Of The Sales Page


Testimonials create trust by showing that others have successfully gone through the same process to achieve the desired results..

Depending on the stage of entrepreneurship you’re in, you may or may not have testimonials.

You could “ love letters” as placeholders until you build your portfolio with reviews.

  • video testimonials in place of the written text
  • Screenshots from social media 
  • Screenshot client wins, breakthroughs and celebrations  



Frequently Asked Questions Placed Below The Closing Section


Your potential customers might have hesitation around the offer or product.

Placing a FAQ below the closing section helps to create ease with the buying process by answering all unanswered questions they have about the qualifications, payment, refund, and structure of the offering.



Final Thoughts- The Formula For Creating A Sales Page That Actually Converts 

Even if you were to create sales pages for your courses — through Kajabi, Podia, or Teachable, you’ll still include the information above.

The structure can be adjusted based on the product, but strategically place words on the page, including call to action, pricing, FAQ, testimonials, and target audience identification.


And you’ll sell more products and services. 


I hope that after reading through this article; you found the confidence to create a sales page.

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