The fastest way to $5k/$10k month in your online business


Creating an online business is one of the fastest ways to live out your dream life, but it’s one of the scariest and overwhelming experiences.

If you’re an online entrepreneur, you desire to bring more income into your business to live out your dream life.

To work from home, to travel the world either solo or with your family. Maybe have a spa day in the middle of the week. Whatever you desire, having more income in your business will allow you to accomplish that mission.

When I work with my clients inside of Breakthrough or Business blueprint, they usually ask how I bring more money into my business. And secure my first $5k-$10k month in business– Where should I focus my energy on— course creation, creating ridiculous amounts of reels/Tik Tok, 1:1 coaching?

And truthfully, bringing in more money into your business isn’t a one size fits all method because it depends on the niche and the activated audience size of your following.

But there are simple things to focus on when aiming to generate more income into your business.

Let’s dive into the strategy to bring in more revenue. Here’s the fastest way to $5k/$10k month in your online business.


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The fastest way to $5k/$10k month in your online business



To build a sustainable online business, focus on larger payouts as the main foundation of your revenue.

Too often, many online entrepreneurs create online courses & digitals to bring them in the $5k+ in revenue when their business isn’t in that big of a demanding stage or have the additional resources to build out your paid reach.

Contrary to popular belief, selling low ticket courses is hard; reaching your monthly goal is hard when you have $30 coming into your business.

Breakthrough Mini Mind covers how to bring in your $5k month into business while building authority in your market.


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Visibility is crucial as an online entrepreneur. One of the missing components in marketing strategies is that you’ll spend a lot of time in lead generation (creating content) but little time building brand awareness. Visibility is the foundation of growing your business; without that structure, you’ll risk either selling or not selling.

Visibility will allow you to get in front of your ideal customer + sell them on why you’re the option to solve their problem. Visibility is the glue ( fastest way) to bring consistent revenue into your online business.



Your business model plays a huge factor in your business sales.

If you have a more traditional business model, you will lean into standard pricing, around $100-$500 for your products or services.

If you have a more non-traditional business model, it’s focused on high-end clients.

Your business model must support your growth/scale. If your business model does not support your income goals, you will find great difficulties bringing more money into your business.



Let me know below which tip was the most helpful for you?



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