How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome As A Christian Entrepreneur

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome As A Christian Entrepreneur


As a Christian entrepreneur, you know imposter syndrome intimately.

The intrusive thoughts that attempt to dress your mind with fraudulent empty words.

The nagging fear that keeps you clinched to the sides of the boat as God is calling you to deepen your trust.

The thoughts that say’s your seconds away from your clients realizing that they’ve made a mistake by hiring you.

Paralyzed by the what if?

What if one day everything crumbles?

What if I have nothing to offer?

What if. What if. What if

And no matter where you’re at in your business — charging $20 or charging $200,000 you will encounter moments of feeling like an imposter.

Where suddenly you’re stopped in your tracks and you become blinded by the truth.

What’s the truth you ask?

…What would take someone countless hours to build, launch, create and or understand you can do it unrehearsed.

Here’s the upside — you do not have to allow imposter syndrome to weigh you down any longer.

In this post, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to how to overcome imposter syndrome as a Christian entrepreneur.


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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome As A Christian Entrepreneur


What is imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is the persistent doubt concerning one’s abilities or accomplishments accompanied by the fear of being exposed as a fraud despite evidence of one’s ongoing success


How do you overcome imposter syndrome as a Christian Entrepreneur?


1. Adopting a growth mindset over a fixed mindset


To have a fixed mindset is an imposter syndrome playground; because it pushes a false narrative.

If you fix ______ (blank) then you become.

Wrestling with your fixed mindset caters to the thought that you never had it within you to build a successful business.

Therefore, your lack of accolades results from a lack of knowledge, and skill set in your expertise.

Instead, adopting a growth mindset focuses on becoming.

The areas you’re not as knowledgeable in, you’re not limiting yourself from the exposure to learning.

A growth mindset doesn’t fixate on the possibility that you might not have all the answers immediately but, it welcomes harnessing the potential of development.

While the fixed mindset limits and bullies, the growth mindset empowers you.


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2. Understanding there is no competition within the body of Christ


It’s tempting to tear apart your business if you’re looking through a peephole of other entrepreneurs who are ahead of you.

Their success might trigger jealousy, envy, and possibly insecurities that the market seems to favor their personality, creativity, and business model.

Imposter syndrome thrives on creating rivalries within yourself and with others.

At the deepest core of you, that feeling you’re desiring is to have what that 6 figure entrepreneur has, but you have painted it unattainable for you.

You have painted that your skills are not worthy of being paid, so creating animosity seems logical and just.

God has called for us to be in a community not only with him but with other like-minded individuals who can speak to our future.

1 Corinthians 12:27 ” Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it”.

3. Celebrate your accomplishments

It’s easy to become so zoomed into your vision that you cannot see growth.

Our brains will completely rewrite the narrative of what’s true if you withhold proof that it exists.

How often do you celebrate your growth?

How do you reflect on your journey, on how faithful God has been to you when it appeared as if he has forsaken you?

It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re an excellent coach but, every time a client comes your way, you forget to celebrate that someone partnered with you to push them closer to their goals.

Imposter syndrome wants to keep you locked in the ideology that you’re a fraud at what you do and what better way to dismantle the lies than to show proof to yourself that you’re the best person for the job?

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Accepting a new normal

If you’re struggling to see yourself as an expert but you desire to, it’s time to accept a new normal.

A new normal that welcomes God to change your outlook on your life.

A new normal that releases the mental and physical drains that blinds you from seeing life through the lens of Jesus.

The best way to combat imposter syndrome is to show up unapologetically in your new normal state of fearlessly walking and trusting in God, regardless if it makes complete sense.


Final thoughts: now that you know how to overcome imposter syndrome as a Christian entrepreneur, the only thing left is to take action and apply the information listed above.

Journaling, meditating, and submerging yourself on the principles of God and what he has promised you.

Don’t worry, you do not have to do this alone. If you’re ready to start, grow or scale a money making business that is built upon God, check out the Breakthrough Your Market group program, or if you’re ready to scale, meet me inside Freedom To Scale, and let’s become unstoppable.


How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome As A Christian Entrepreneur - Aundra Williams


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