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your market

A lifetime access  marketing & sales program for faith based coaches and service providers who want to increase their brands visibility by 35% and create consistent  $5k-10k months partnering  with the Holy Spirit

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A lifetime access marketing & sales program for faith based coaches and service providers who want to increase their brands visibility by 35% and create consistent $5k-10k months partnering with the Holy Spirit

Craft better content that speaks to your ideal audience without removing God for your messaging or business model. 

You've always had big plans for your business

You know that you're made for more, more money, more impact and more exposure.

But, you cannot seem to gain the visibility to become wildly in demand

You've always had big plans for your business

You know that you're made for more, more money, more impact and more exposure.

But, you cannot seem to gain the visibility to become wildly in demand


the overwhelm with connecting to your ideal client

inconsistent income or no income

not knowing how to attract client through content

Listen... I totally understand you

lack of visibility to become seen as the go to expert

feeling icky and frustrated with daily selling to a group of people who's not signing into your offer

imposter syndrome whenever it's time to show up on video or sell your offer

I was running a business that felt hard— I had less than eight dollars in my bank account, I was chasing leads and offering extended payment plans to offers below fifty dollars, I spent hours inside of Facebook groups hoping to wake up one day with leads overflowing in my DM’s only to see spam messages from “ send pic to..”. I felt defeated, spiritually burnout and operating from a place of scarcity.

I had an encounter with God that allowed me to see how I was outside of alignment within my business, the products, the messaging, the impact I was gearing to create didn’t represent the vision God placed within me. 

I rolled up my sleeves and went to work creating the biggest shifts my business experience during this time.

I totally understand....

Until.... One day everything shifted

imagine if....


Knew how to create a visibility plan that created positioning and authority, brand awareness and product awareness up to 35%

Knew how to step into your CEO role and properly manage the business, audience and gifts God has placed within you

Knew how to expand and diversify  your community across multiple channels without compromising your values and mission

Knew how to maximize your monthly income through building a robust product suite that created recurring income ( $5k-$10k months)

Imagine what business would be like if you:

all of the work, unwavering self belief in God's word, hard decisions has led you to this point here

This is your invitation to


This program is perfect for you if you're committed to growing a widly profitable business, ready to partner harmoniously with the Holy Spirit and ready to stretch yourself into your next level self.

It's time to pour gasoline and set your business on visbility fire

For The...

The vision that has kept you at night


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your market

This is your invitation

What's on the other side of your yes

Breakthrough Your Market main action is to increase visibility to your brand through brand positioning, innovating your unique selling point, brand awareness, increasing your mailing list and so much more. Without the proper visibility strategy your business will never reach it's full potential.

Increasing Your Visibility Through Marketing

The creation portion of Breakthrough Your Market isn't primarily based around building your product suite. We want you to be fully confident that you're creating a luxury white glove client experience, creating your customer journey, innovate lead magnet and content events. Creating recurring income becomes easy once you start to focus not only on lead generation but the overall experience within your offering.

Creation + Building Your Robust Product Suite 

Breakthrough Your Market covers a variety of topics on sales and launching your services but also- sales psychology, sales personality, increasing your back end sales and building recurring income and know how to sell high ticket vs low ticket plus moreee.....

Sales & Service/ Product Launching

Breakthrough Your Market understands the importance of diversifying your business through opening a second business, products, ministry, team building and sooo much more. Our goal isn't to limit you but to help you embrace the multi passionate side of your business through teaming up with other expert leaders you'll learn how expand the vision that God has placed with you without compromising what God has placed within you.

Visualizing Your Expansion

What To Expect

Private Portal with pre recorded & live Trainings, Resources & Tools

community slack channel

expert coaching- recorded trainings

community of empowered women

v.i.p clients- 1:1 monthly sessions & voxer access

 hot seat-style Coaching Calls & two month check ins to monitor progress

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Investment Option

Angel M.

I have learnt so much about not only the creative side of things but the business side of things too.


*Payment Plans

V.I.P FOR $8,000

Everything you get in Breakthrough Your Market- including group calls, trainings, and support materials

12 high level 1:1 60 minute coaching calls to offer you in depth look at areas you could grow in to scale faster

5 month Voxer access to me Monday- Friday to get on demand coaching

Personalized support while inside of Breakthrough Your Market

Are you feeling called to go deeper with the support and results?


I'm Aundra Williams based in Los Angeles, California. With 7 years of organic marketing and sales experience, I developed or taught marketing, content, and business strategies for both start-ups and Fortune 500 brands in industries such as fashion, beauty, culinary, health practitioners, banking, and nonprofits.

 business mentor & Marketing coach

Aundra Williams

Meet The Coach

squirrel lover, success obsessed

Breakthrough Your Market is ever rolling. Simply log in and join inside the biweekly meetings. If you cannot make it you'll have access to me through our slack channel. If timezone is an issue please message me before enrolling into the program

When can I enroll?


Breakthrough Your Market new *extended payment options allows you to create a 6 month payment option for the program. Simply send me a message and I can assist you with that payment option

The payment option isn't doable for me :(


If God is tugging on your heart for expansion, you're looking for high level coaching Breakthrough Your Market is perfect for you! If you're ready to collapse time around your goals, create visibility to your business this program is perfect for you



Great question! You will have access to me through our bi weekly coaching calls & slack community! Have a private question? Simply send me a private message!

Customer experience is really important to me so I want you to feel welcomed and heard

How much support will I get?

How do I know if this is what I *really need


Hey Aundra , I have a question