How To Become A Christian Blogger In 2021

How To Become A Blogger In 2021

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You’re probably looking at this title and thinking to yourself, ” not another useless how to become a Christian blogger” post.

 Trust me, and I sympathize with you. 

For years, I searched the web to become a blogger, let alone a Christian blogger only to find myself still lost and confused with the process.

 I think that is how my under eye circles formed prematurely, haha. I stayed up typing in the google search engine “ How do I become a Christian blogger“?

 Only to find two people back in 2015 Christian blogging! Talk about frustrating, lol. 

Every one I found was lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, but I couldn’t find anyone like myself! Someone who had a strong desire to spread the word of God through relatable inspirational Godly spoken words.

I’m sure many others have laid this blueprint for blogging but not quite for Christian blogging

So here is how to become a Christian blogger!

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How To Become A Blogger In 2021



Write, draw, doodle, sketch your vision– I know you’ve probably seen this written everywhere!

But, the truth behind this bible scripture { Habakkuk 2:2} holds so much truth! How many of us are taking the necessary steps to build without jumping directly head first into things?

Ouch! I know answering that was painful.

I know me personally I’ve endured at least several concussions due to jumping and not making the fundamental steps that it takes to own a successful website.

I know you see many of your friends, social media friends already building and executing work in their Christian blog, and you want to match their success because you have terrific ideas. Does that sound like you?

Remember, this isn’t a race but a journey! So let us celebrate the fact that you have a fantastic idea that could lead others to God’s knowledge and possibly bring in a source of revenue, but we want to plan and execute our blog correctly. 

So what does your vision board consist of when planning out your blog?

 Don’t rush this process! Write your vision down or draw your vision! Once you write down your idea, pray that this vision will come into fulfillment if this is God’s will for your life.

I know your sneakers were laced and ready to jump but, make sure that its the right time with the correct amount of knowledge lodged in your brain.

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Now that God has blessed your vision, its time to start blogging!

But wait where?

There are numerous amounts of hosting sites to start up your website, so google the best affordable hosting site that suite your budget!

All of this should’ve been written down in the vision step, and if it wasn’t written down, go back and write it down!

Once you’ve secured a hosting now, its time to start blogging! This step is where all the actions begin! But wait!!

Let us pray over this step! Because you just took that giant leap of faith and started up a website. OMG!!! I’m excited for you!

Need more help with choosing a web hosting I love Bluehost! I cannot stop raving about their service. To step your Christian blog using Bluehost, click here to get started with that process.



I know at this point of becoming a Christian Blogger; you’re probably screaming and jumping, dancing all over your room! Or was that me? Hahaha!

I know I was beyond excited because I always wanted to be a blogger.

So you’re ready to publish your first blog, and you’re wondering should I blog about _____ or _____ ? Before you blog about anything I want to suggest one of my top secrets on how to write amazing blogs.

Come closer, and the secret recipe is P-R-A-Y-E-R, sorry. Did you think I had the secret formula for the Krusty Krab recipe? I wish! That would be awesome, but one of the most effective ways to build and post an influential Christian blog is by incorporating God.

 Proverbs 3:6 says, ” In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

 Before you sit down and construct a blog- prayer and reading your bible must be intertwined in this mix!

Our main goal is to honor God, so when we go before him and include him, in this tiny detail, imagine how honorable that is in the sight of God.

Sure, you can write anything, but why would you? Why not write something that’s prescribed by God!

Just imagine how impactful that simple blog could be! Blog idea topics are probably flooding your mind but, pray before you write.


Do not be afraid to be relatable! Being your authentic self will work out for you in the future! You may think that since something is popular that its meant to be done by you! Nope!

Trust me, that isn’t how you want to do things. God has created you with a unique style, a singular vision, so why slap God in the face by mimicking what’s popular or choosing to be fearful to show us who you’re.

Let me be the first to say I was so scared to show my sense of humor and post how Bible scriptures impacted my life due to being judged.

I was thinking, what would they think of me? What if my testimony wasn’t cute and cookie-cutter? Would they look at me differently? Instead of me choosing to be myself, I hide my voice!

The blogging world is competitive, and even the Christian blogging world is competitive, but Jesus has handpicked you to become set apart. How cool is that? Jesus loves your story so much that he wants you to tell it, hoping that it may lead others into the knowledge of God.


Now, you have this blog website with little to no activity, and I’m sure doubt has crept into your mind, and that voice outside of you says,” Are you sure God called you to this”? Because if he did, where are the people?

Let’s have a quick bible recap aundra style when God told Noah to build the ark. I’m sure he thought to himself self ” God, I have absolutely no real idea how to make something so big.

And that maybe what you’re saying to yourself- God, I have no idea on how to build something so big but, just as God spoke and gave Noah specific instructions on how to make, God is speaking over you and giving you the same instructions telling you to build this fantastic blog.

Noah built his ark with naysayers, and those naysayers are probably telling you if God was in this, then where are the people but, all God wants to see within you is obedience, and if you read the story correctly, God leads the animals to the ark.

Animals are built with a sense of migration within them, and if we serve the same God and take anything from that story, we know all God is looking is obedience, and if we build it, he will fill it.

That he will lead the people to your website! Yea girl! You read that correctly!

God will send them! I had no idea in 2015 that God would migrate people to this website, social sites.

I had very little faith because I saw no one like myself.

But, I say that to say, God will fill up your site just as he did with the animals in the ark.

God will lead people because you hold the key to others’ salvation story! Which is super cool! You will introduce people to Jesus!

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Now it’s time to build your blog! Are you ready? Comment Below

















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