To The day dreamers and night thinkers, and storytellers.

I’m Aundra, a multi-passionate entrepreneur – business coach, marketer and founder of Her Revived Online Community.
Stir that all up together with a pinch of salt. You’ll gain one big-hearted creator who’s willing to pray for you as you share the innermost secret parts of your business + blog, who will lose sleep to help you figure out how to best position yourself so that you can dominate and replenish the lane you were called to serve and impact.

You can find me soaking up in the California sun with my family while making an outrageous amount of boards on Pinterest ( the more boards, the better). I moved from the cold Mid West to pursue my entrepreneurship dreams at 28, and I haven’t looked back since.I am passionately in love with Jesus, glitter, and cute baby penguins. I cherish being amongst amazing people who are ready to overcome limitations to build greatness, and I know since you’re here reading this, you’re my type of people.

My process guides you through fully embodying your CEO version of yourself to launch into the marketplace with ease and confidence because you hold the shareholder key to other destinies. You will unlock and rediscover your potential to fully transform the online industry and build one of the BEST businesses of all times.

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My Process

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My philosophy is simple

The Holy Trinity

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We help women create a brand built upon God's unchanging word. We help women in business understand that their identity isn't built upon their fiancial status but the principles of the written word.

We believe in building relationships, connections, and rapport with the people within my reach and creating lasting bonding & touch points that will push them closer to their true identity by discovering that life is a beautiful ecosystem.

Motto: Create a brand/business that honors where you're today, but it will propel you for your new season of entrepreneurship.

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