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Create the blueprint to scale your business to $10k+ months operating in your God given purpose 

Create the blueprint to scale your business to $10k+ months operating in your God given purpose 

The Daily To List Of An 6- Figure Christian Entrepreneur

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Learn how to create a successful Holy Spirit led business through strategic planning that allows you grow your income revenue while still growing your relationship with God. 


be true. be free. be inspired.



Breakthrough Mini Mind isn’t another program about monetizing your gifts. 

Breakthrough program is geared to prepare you for what you’ve prayed for naturally & spiritually. It’s structure to teach you to find your irresistible factor, sell with confidence and sign your 1-3 high ticket client

The business blueprint Private Coaching- 7 months

You're already confident in the vision that God has placed within you, and there's not an ounce of doubt telling you, you're incapable of going higher.

 In your soul, you know you're so ready for expansion, premium clients, freedom to build out your 6-figure business the way that feels in total alignment with the vision God has placed within you

The business blueprint Private coaching- 7 months

It's time to unlock the vault to your next $10k in business. God has given you the idea now it's time to learn how to build.


Discover how to construct your irresistible Signature Offers that will sell to your audience.

You can launch your next evergreen, open/closed cart program LIKE A BOSS
I have mapped out my exact strategy on how I could create multiple 5 figure launches without the stress of launching. 

Imagine Your Content Doing All The Selling For You!
No longer wonder what to post to speak to your ideal client. Have the full confidence to speak directly to their needs, desire of your ideal client with complete ease,

Sign premium clients, generate consistent sales in your business using CONTENT ONLY!

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Hey boss, babe! I’m Aundra, a multi-passionate entrepreneur – writer, blog strategist, and faith coach. Stir that all up together with a pinch of salt. You’ll gain one big-hearted creator who’s willing to pray for you as you share the innermost secret parts of your business + blog, who will lose sleep to help you figure out how to best position yourself so that you can dominate and replenish the lane you were called to serve and impact.

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Aundra Williams

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be true. be free. be inspired.

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"Aundra is a pleasure to work with, she’s extremely knowledgeable she has completely changed my mindset about blogging and business and I highly recommend her."

-jessica lewis

It's so hard nowadays to find a coach who loves the Lord and is genuinely passionate about helping others. Aundra has shown me how to create a profitable group coaching program that has sold + I signed a four figure coaching client with her help.

- JohnnieMay Mcdonald

Having a coaching call has been one of the good investment I’ve made this year so far. She is knowledgeable, patient and not afraid in sharing all she knows. I learnt so much from her as she highlighted certain points I didn’t realize before and gave me very valuable advice to taking my brand and social presence to the next level. Very grateful for her talents and gifts. Aundra you’re simply the best and I appreciate you.

- manuela b.

Before reaching out to Aundra, I wanted to give up blogging, and with her help, I hit 10,000 PV and land my first sponsored post. This was the first time that I felt as if I have an actual business.

- hannah

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