Four Things You Need To Know About Scaling A Christian Online Business

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Tell me, how often do you hear the word scale & 6 figures within the online space, and your gut instantly drop within your knees because you do not know how it’s even possible?

After all, you’ve unsuccessfully brought in consistent revenue; how can one scale a rollercoaster business?

I’m glad you asked!

Grab a pen and paper because this blog post will be detailed and filled with gems on what you’ll need to do to be a step closer to scale your business.

When I first started within the online space, I made $14; that sale came from my mom, who felt bad about me not making any money.

So trust me, I know exactly how you’re feeling.

A little overwhelmed.
You are a little embarrassed that you believed in God, yet things aren’t adding up to the promise.
A little insecure in your voice, ideas, and what you’re positioning to the world will disrupt the industry.


Before diving into scaling, I think it’s imperative to clearly understand what scaling means, so you have a suitable base on how to scale your business.

Scaling your business means keeping your business expenses low while increasing your profit margin. Costs include systems and an unnecessary amount of coaching back to back without allowing your money to stack.

What’s the problem?

You either aren’t being in enough money for your business because of your prices and visibility. Or you are spending faster than you’re receiving, which hurts your bottom line.



4 things you need to know about scaling a Christian business


1. Increasing Your Prices To Scale Your Christian Business

Honestly, this goes without saying!

The only way to bring in more money is to charge more.

We’ve covered topics around price increase, not losing your clients, and visibility methods to help support the price change. Click the link below to read those articles. 

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2. Cut unnecessary Business Expenses Immediately

As Christian entrepreneurs, it’s imperative to understand + have proper money management skills. You show your stewardship to God by doing so within your business.


Question to ask yourself to help preserve money?

  1. Where are you leaking money? Systems, coaching?
  2.  Now, I’m not against systems and other operational functions (test out Honeybook CRM * Afflink)

But, I am against keeping up with everyone who suggests new shiny objects while your business suffers because of negligence.

That’s what I am against!

And you should too!


3. Automate Your Visibility To Scale Your Christian Business

Automate your business visibility to bring in leads to your business while focusing on serving the clients you currently have. 

Ways to automate your visibility:

  1. Lead Magnet
  2. Paid Ads
  3. Quizzes 
  4. Challenges 


Which are you choosing? Don’t tell me yet… Meet me inside of Breakthrough Mini Mind and give me the details on which you’re choosing.


4. Robust Product Suite

Money is flowing organically. It’s up to you to receive it. Developing a robust product suite that serves your clients at every price point will ensure that you’re currently opportunities for more money to flow to you. 

Now, I’m not saying build out massive online courses and lower-tiered offers but what I am saying is to create more opportunities to make more money by creating either:

  1. A group program with open enrollment 
  2. Private coaching clients with a higher price tag 

Create stack income in your business by creating your scale your christian business.

Tell me—was this helpful? How are you creating your scale?



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