How To Raise Your Rates Without Losing Clients


Want to raise your price/rates but terrified of losing business? Clients? Or possibly paying customers?

I’m sure as you added more zeros at the end of the package, your hands were shaking, and thoughts were filling your mind- what if no one buys? Am I qualified enough to charge this price?

Do I have everything in order within my business to set my asking price?

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in; we all have at some point felt like an imposter in our new priced services and program.

But suppose I could speak from experience and offer some advice. In that case, there is a way to confidently charge based upon the worth of transformation without losing clients, without losing the integrity of your business.



1. Understand that there are paying clients at every price point.

You may feel as if your new price point would limit the shortage of people you could attract to your business because you’re placing a higher price tag on your expertise.

Of course, there are paying clients at every price point, but if your mindset blocks the possibility of embracing this ideology, you’ll limit yourself from believing there are people for you.


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2. Create a high ticket/high-value mentality

For you to attract high-quality clients/customers, you have first to create a higher quality mindset.

If you believe you can’t, you’ll attract clients/customers who refuse to pay your price if you think there is a shortage of people.

Become the empowered client who’s ready to invest in herself and reach crazy heights within her business. Become the client who’s no longer available for victimhood.

Create a higher self mindset and attract more people who will become their higher self.



3. Become irresistible- Speak transform and less price

How often do you speak about the transformation or result of your business offer?

Probably not enough!

Craft an irresistible offer where it seems like a complete no-brainer to invest in your business.

Unfortunately, so many new businesses get lost in their services/coaching price that they focus less on the irresistible level of their business.

Make your client’s dreams tangible, focus less on the new price tag, and address their pain and solve their problem.

Because here’s the thing higher-paying clients need their problems solved, they’re not focused on the price point as much as you’re.


4. Be specific about who you serve

You’ll see businesses refusing to niche down have a more significant struggle to attract high-paying clients who are ready to invest in themselves.

Being a generalist will not attract the type of clients who’s willing to pay your asking price.

Being too broad in your messaging will leave you making less impact, and your business will be noise in the sea of other businesses.

Higher paying clients want to invest in someone who could either teach them a skill or specialize in a particular area, and if you’re unwilling to narrow down and focus on the impact, you’ll risk not signing clients at the price point you deserve.


In summary, the possibilities are limitless.


Claiming your value is uncomfortable at first. Doing something new, rather than sticking with something familiar, challenges long-held beliefs.


Tell me: What mindset block did you have to uproot before raising your prices?

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