Creating Boundaries In Your Business From Day One

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The first potential high ticket blog coaching client told me, “my program wasn’t worth it.”

After months of forming my signature offer – I released it to the world, and my first potential client said ” yes to everything.

I was shocked!

I never made more than $120 in one coaching session, so I was excited to see that God was breathing on my business.

Here’s where things went rocky!

She stated my invoices were going into her spam folder and that it wasn’t worth the hassle of going through piles of mail to find my invoice- and maybe my invoice should stay in the spam/junk folder.

I cried!

No, seriously. I cried!

Afterward, I thought I wanted to work with women who are excited to work with me, just as I am excited to work with them.

That situation opened my eyes to understand how self-respect and boundaries in your business are just as important as making money.

But, without the situation happening, I would’ve known:


1. Allow no one to treat you like trash just because they’re your client. I will refund you if you think that I am your punching bag just because you’re in my program. No! That’s not how I run my business and will not allow people to treat me or others that way.


2. Stop sending four figures invoices through PayPal ( ). I’m team PayPal for things under $300 but, I have had hiccups after hiccups with PayPal, and it wasn’t worth it.

I decided to invest and place systems in my business.

3. Lastly, become detached from the outcome. Never place your confidence in someone else. Never put your validation in numbers, sales, etc. That truly comes from the lord.

That experience was rough mentally but, without that experience, I would’ve never learned boundaries, processes, and confidence.

Have you experienced similar “lessons learned” in your business journey?


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