Should You Call Yourself An Expert?


Should you call yourself an expert? After all, is it even possible to be an expert in a topic with thousands of solutions?

These thoughts flooded my mind as I opened the doors to my private mentoring program, teaching women how to walk in their expertise as Christian coaches and service providers.

How does one showcase their expertise?

How does one build confidence to label themselves as an expert when there is over one way to the top of the mountain?

It’s intimidating; well, in today’s post, we’re going to address the fear of labeling yourself as an expert and how to build confidence in your gift.



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You’re feeling uncomfortable calling yourself an expert in your industry & here’s why

Let me guess, you’re feeling like this:

* You have a hard time filling up your 1:1 or group program to call yourself an expert

* You’re relatively new to the online space

* You haven’t hit the 6 figure 12 month mark

* Other experts said, “check receipts to prove their expertise,” and you barely have reviews

And you’re feeling weird labeling yourself as an in-demand expert when the only thing that’s in demand in your business is the operational expense to keep your business afloat.

I get it.

I was you.

I cried because people were telling me how unqualified I was to do what God called me to do, even though I had the experience & educational background to prove it.

It has to come to a point in your life where you tell people “Girl Bye” and end the conversation.

Because here’s what I want you to know:


The fear of judgment will make you get out of position.

  • What if people know I’m launching, but I didn’t sign ten clients?
  • What if my business isn’t as aesthetics as the others?

And the judgment of what people might say will make you get out of position.

I want you to say “girl bye” to that thought.

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Change the verbiage on the word ” expert”

Instead of calling yourself an expert, say, “I specialize in _________.”

If labeling yourself as an expert or talking about expertise sends you into anxiety.

Change what you call yourself… listen, no is keeping tabs on if you change it.


Let go of instant gratification.

Let me keep it a buck with you.

Your first year of business will not be profitable.

You’ll spend more than you make.

Your first launch might be devastating. And it will not equal up to the amount of work you put in.

Let go of unrealistic expectations in business. Give yourself time to grow & fail. The fear of being processed will cause you to pivot prematurely.

Let me ask you,

What judgments did you have to let go of as an entrepreneur?


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