How To Grow Your Audience For Christian Entrepreneurs


Growing your audience as a Christian entrepreneur is vital for the longevity of your business. Without gaining visibility, you’ll risk the brand growth, sales, and community your business so desires.

When I first stepped into the online space as a blogger, I knew nothing about community building- I spent many days in long bloggers forums hoping and wishing someone would read my blogs to grow my sales, revenue, and community.

After entering my 6 figure year, I know what it takes to build out your visibility strategy to grow your audience to get more eyes on your brand. In today’s post, I will map out four ways to increase your audience to boost brand recognition to grow your audience for Christian entrepreneurs.

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How To Grow Your Audience For Christian Entrepreneurs


1.Facebook Groups


Gaining exposure from a thriving community will catapult your growth. I speak highly of Facebook Groups because it has been the source of signing $3k clients with little nurture.

The key to using someone else audience is that you’re expediting your vital growth.

Now, some groups have their own rule about self-promotion, but inside of my coaching program, I discuss how to post inside Facebook groups to avoid being thrown out.

Growing your audience by leveraging someone else’s audience will position you as the go-to person in your market.


2. Collaboration 

In my early blogger days, I spent a lot of time inside blogger forums connecting with women who wanted to build each other online presence.

Joining those groups taught me the power of like-minded women coming together to build out an amazing community.

Again, leveraging someone else’s community using collaborations will help you gain fresh eyes on your business, generating more leads into your funnel.

The thing I see many Christian entrepreneurs stumbling in is sales and audience growth. Locking arms with others and introducing them to your audience to serve will allow you to gain new leads to your business, equal more sales.


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3. In Demand Social Content For Audience Growth

Whenever I am gearing to launch, I focus on audience visibility + growth.

Audience visibility using the method I teach inside my coaching program will ensure I am in front of my audience. The in-demand social content will bring more people into my funnel to increase product awareness to maximize my audience.

The key indicator that your social content is working for your business is when you’ll see high levels of social audience growth. In demand, content is swapping out your current content to best highlight your offer to bring forth those dreamy clients.

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4. Lead Magnet For Audience Growth

Lead magnets are a great way to grow your audience. I know we live in the era of turning down free work in hopes of it growing your brand, but having a lead magnet will grow your audience on social media.

Which is the goal of we’re focusing on community building, serving, and selling.


There are many ways to grow your audience; inside of my business programs, I map out how to grow your audience, sales, and community using a visibility growth strategy.


Tell me your thoughts on how you are growing your audience in 2022?



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