Why Charging Premium High Ticket Price Is Scary For New Businesses

why charging premium prices feel scary for new business owners- Aundra Williams


Let’s cut to the chase…

I’m sure you have at least raised your price & lowered your price all within one day… possibly one sitting.

Charging premium prices when you’re used to undervalue yourself will feel confusing and quite frankly it’s gut-wrenching to believe that someone would invest that much in you.

Here’s what I do not want you to believe that you need to do to price accordingly:

Offer 24/7 access to you:

  • Include the kitchen sink plus your first child to make it “ worth it”
  • Overload your program where it’s impossible to get results
  • Have a degree


Pricing your offer * to me is based around

  1. Your experience in your my profession ( because you can have a degree without ever formally working in that department)
    2. The intellectual property you provide
    3.Time spent creating the intellectual property, teaching the curriculum/ providing the service ( Example: editing pictures, etc.)
    4. Business expenses + household expenses
    ( think systems etc.)

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Pricing your offer isn’t a direct correlation to your self worth, it’s a direct correlation to what you’ll need to sustain your business + household + pay your business taxes.

So in hindsight, charging: $5k is justified because it takes money to run your business.


Tell me- Are you afraid to charge premium prices for your services?



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