Three Tips For An Organized Business For Solopreneurs


Having an organized business is as important as having a business that speaks directly to your ideal customer/client’s pain points, desires, and growth potential.

Organizing your business creates pockets of scalability, ease, structure, and confidence that you’re the best expert to serve your clients without the pressure that everything will crumble or you drop the ball within your process.

If you’re struggling to organize your business, here are  3 Tips For An Organized Business For Solopreneurs simple strategies and software you can implement today to see a massive difference in your business


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3 Tips For An Organized Christian Business For Solopreneurs


1. Organized Business- Through Automations


If you’re looking to organize your business for growth, consider setting up automation within your business. Instead of wasting time by manually sending out emails automating your visibility, lead capture from email sequence, and future upsell will save you time and energy.

Three of my favorite systems to use for automation are Honeybook, Flodesk, and Podia. 

*Honeybook ( AFF)  allows me to use a 10-step automation process that seamlessly onboards and off-board clients into your services.

*Flodesk (AFF is a robust email marketing system that allows me to create affluent funnels and not only that, their templates are gorgeous.

Podia allows me to continue to upsell my products through their immediate triggers and also through email a campaign that triggers 16 days after the buyer’s purchases.


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2. Investing In The Proper Support For An Organized Business


Much like investing in the proper systems for automation, having the proper support, software, and system set in place will improve efficiency and productivity.

Outsourcing tasks such as lead generation, daily administration, and bookkeeping.

By outsourcing these tasks, you’ll spend more time laser in on your expertise and eliminating busy work that pulls you out of your zone of genius

Using the proper software within your business will save you hours (not joking… hours).

Softwares such as Trello, asana, notion, and clickUp help to reduce the clutter, disorganization, and frustration that comes with running a business as a solopreneur.

Grab my Trello and launch template here for $37

3. Batching Your Content Creation


If you’re a business owner nine times out of ten, you’re likely a content creator. We all know content creation is a time suck if you’re creating content on the fly, creating the graphic, and creating the reel/TikTok without any strategy.

You could easily spend 3 hours a day attempting to match the words with the audio clip.

Instead, batching your content creation from videos, podcasts, and social content on certain days. The repetitive action of creating once a month/week will take you off the mental burnout cycle of creating daily.

How to batch using Trello:

Content: Choose a posting schedule that works best for you. This could be posted daily, once a day, or 5 times a month. Choose a posting schedule and use the cards to organize your ideas, caption, and labels for each section.

You’ll use this same format with thinking of podcast, email marketing, blog, and YouTube topics/ideas. Each card will be labeled.

Next, choose a day to create and honor that date, moving forward as a day you spend time batch creating.

When you organize your business, growing and scaling become obtainable and you spend more time creating a routine that creates productivity.

Schedule a day where you plan out how you’re going to organize your business from support, automation, batching, and systems.

Organizing your business isn’t just for the back end, it’s also to stop trading your time. It’s also for you to remove yourself from the mental feminine of exhaustion.

You owe it to yourself to create a business that extends your breathing. If you’re ready to start a business using this framework, meet me inside Breakthrough Your Market, where you’ll learn how to build a wildly in-demand business that doesn’t exchange your mental sanity. 



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