Three Pinterest Must-Dos For Long-Term Business Success

Three Pinterest must-dos for long-term business success-


Are you using Pinterest only to plan your children’s birthday invitations or possibly saving pins for outfit ideas? If you are doing the latter, it’s time to create a Pinterest Marketing strategy for your business that will allow you to grow your community, sales, and impact.

Before leveraging the platform, I marketed my service-based business solely through a social media marketing strategy. With the ever-evolving dynamics of social media — educational and community-based content is no longer favored over short-form entertainment videos.

Today, I want to share 3 Pinterest must-dos for long-term business success, how Pinterest is the leading source of visibility for my business and how it brings in high-quality clients.

In other words, steal this Pinterest Marketing strategy today to help bring longevity and sustainability to your business to help serve your business’s current and future state.


3 Pinterest must-dos for long-term business success


1. Align your brand + branding collateral on your profile  

Your profile should adequately demonstrate your expertise and who your business serves through:

  • Cover image 
  • Profile image 
  • Bio

Pinterest is a visual search engine, and unlike many other platforms, branding isn’t as important, but the opposite stands true for Pinterest. Your profile should align with your business’s tone, personality, and creativity. 

Pro tip: overlook your profile and ask yourself does your profile represents your business. Are you using the same fonts and colors and investing in brand collateral to best showcase your expertise?


 2.Google Analytics, your best-performing content 

Pinterest analytics are not always an accurate source when attempting to build a solid strategy, since the platform has a combination of numbers that affect the metric of your profile, such as monthly engagement, total audience, and monthly viewers. Understanding your Google Analytics is the best way to gauge growth and visibility within your strategy.

Google Analytics will offer an in-depth look at your business content to give you a better perspective of what your audience wants to see and read. In addition to understanding the best pin style/ template for your future pins.

Pro tip: Navigate to your Google Analytics dashboard and study your network referral and social acquisition to understand your Pinterest account better.


3. Thoughtfully curated boards geared towards your business services and content pillars. 


Relevancy is the name of the game!

Your Pinterest boards should be relevant to your business and or content pillars. Pointless boards will harm your business growth because Pinterest wants to showcase your business, but the more irrelevant boards you have, the harder it is to be labeled an expert on the platform. Delete unrelated boards and tune your feed to showcase similar businesses and content creators on your home feed. 

Create your 1-5 strategically using the example below:

Board One: Best of content on your URL (best of content on

Board Two & Board Three: Content Pillars (e.g. entrepreneurship & mindset — add more later)

Board Four & Board Five: Service, Offering and freebie (How to sell a course etc)

Finally, because Pinterest is a search engine keyword, a key phrase needs to be added to your account to increase your brand’s visibility. Need more help building a profitable strategy for your business? Join Pinterest Marketing 101 for $47 to understand how I could create a 6 figure business using search engine optimization and Pinterest marketing.




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