Pursing Entrepreneurship When You’re Afraid– Best Advice

Pursing entrepreneurship when you're afraid


If you’re anything like me, then you know how scary and overwhelming it is to launch out into the deep and pursue entrepreneurship.

Five years ago, I remembered having so many ideas within me to start a business, but as soon as I put action behind my dreams, fear would devour my self-confidence.

My fears hindered me from believing in myself and my capabilities.

I remember talking myself out of pursuing my goals because I didn’t know if my dreams were worthy enough to be pursued.

And I’m sure you’re at this place in your life where you’re saying enough is enough.

You’ve been enough on the sideline imagining how your life would be that you’re ready to jump into the game.

Here in this post, I’ll give you tips on: Pursing Entrepreneurship When You’re Afraid



What you believe about yourself will impact if you choose to pursue your dreams or not.

Many of you, including myself, have had a false narrative about our lives and our capabilities.

Your mindset will either grow or destroy you. It will either paralyze or strengthen you.

As I mentioned, my lack of self-confidence fueled my fear, making me afraid to step out and launch into the deep.

It would be best if you were not like me. I want you to take captive to the negative storylines about your dreams, the negative storylines about your future that say, if you pursue your dreams, you will fail or lose.

Run to the starting point.

It is your time!

Spontaneous exercise:

Journal some reasons you’re afraid; everything we experience always has an underline root cause. Take some time to reflect and ask yourself hard questions that will require you to face your fear head-on. 



Imagine, if you will, a gardener planting a seed into a garden.

The plant’s seed cannot fully blossom if it doesn’t have the help or intentionality with the gardener. The same applies with your dreams of entrepreneurship

You’re afraid because you’re doing it alone, you need someone to water you!

Create a circle of people you trust to sow into you that can help push you forward.

Your support system could help silence doubt that tells you that your dreams are too far fetched or that a specific career is over-saturated.

Your support system will be your body, just like how the body of Christ is.

Where you’re weak, someone in your corner will be strong.

And that, my friend, is such a much-needed balance.


Honestly, there will never be a perfect moment to start- there will always be reasons each day isn’t the best day!

Please give yourself a date. Stick to that date because the more time you give yourself, the more it probably will never happen.

Plan a date that you would like to start, and do it!

Do it scared, do it messy without having all the pieces together.



Break your dreams into small obtainable goals so that it’s less overwhelming.

Not being overwhelmed = not being afraid.

For instance, if you want to create videos for YouTube, you could first start by being intentional in going live on Facebook/ Instagram.

Or if you want to create a course and make $10,000/ monthly sells, instead make it $3,000 a month in sales.

Your goal is to be or do [insert your dream] but doing it this way will build your confidence along the way.

Something I always tell myself is that slow motion is still better than no action.

So even if you’re not doing things exactly like how you envisioned it, you’re still making progress to your goal.



One of the many things that will help drive positivity into your head is affirmations and what I would like to call “my mom’s morning pep talk.”

Every morning as a young child on my way to school, my mom would make my sisters and I recite positive affirmations. Funny how those words gave us ammunition to accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

And, 15 years later, those affirmations stuck to me like glue, causing me to believe earnestly in my capabilities to reach for the stars.

This step is the safety net that needs to become embedded in you mentally. Creating and adopting a healthy mindset early on will help you to pursue your dreams when you’re afraid to start.


  1. I will be successful.
    2. I will accomplish everything that I set out to accomplish
    3. I will not measure myself with anyone. I am gifted and talented, and I will stay true to myself.

Morning Pep Talk

I will be patient and gentle with myself.
I will stay true to myself.
I will stay consistent, even when I do not feel like it.
Success is what I define it as.
I will not measure myself up against anyone.

Allow for those words to penetrate your mind until you envision it until your self sabotaging ways become nonexistent.

Do you believe you can become the next [ INSERT YOUR DREAMS HERE]?


That makes me so happy to hear. Moments like this will be your anchor when frustration and comparison come to tell you that the blogging world, the fashion world is overly saturated, so you might as well quit before you even get started.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Believe in yourself by fuelling up your faith and dismissing those pesky fears.

You got this!


Now it is your turn, comment on what which tip helped you the most?


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