Secrets Behind Planning A Profitable Masterclass

Secrets Behind Planning & Hosting A Profitable Masterclass

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Are you a coach or service provider who educates other coaches and service providers?

Creating on-demand masterclasses is an amazing way to showcase your authority by revealing parts of your process & expertise on how you could execute a project.

What if I told you that you could have those big sexy numbers with a small or medium size audience – would you believe it was possible?

As the elearning market is steadily increasing, service providers and coaches must think on their toes on how they can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Today I’m pulling the curtain back and I’m revealing — the secrets behind planning a profitable masterclass that’s valuable and leaves your clients locked into your product suite.


Segmenting Your Audience For Relevance


Before delivering your masterclass it’s important to understand the “who, why, skill, what and how” behind the masterclass you’re creating.

Your audience isn’t moved by the countdown timers, waitlist closing and monetary value off if you haven’t communicated who the masterclass is for and what they will leave with after attending the masterclass.

Here’s a simple outline to create as the baseline of your foundation:

➜ Who is the masterclass for?

➜ Why do they need to learn what you’re teaching?

➜ What are they doing now?

➜ What skill will they leave with?

➜ How will you help them get there?

➜ What’s your unique messaging for your masterclass?

Additional questions to ponder on that’s useful to have locked within your pocket: how long is the masterclass? Is it more of an experience or 90 minute in-depth trainings? Will you create deliverables? What Upsell could you connect to boost your profit? What’s the price point of the masterclass?


Choosing The Perfect Masterclass name and curriculum


While there are a variety of names to choose from, your potential buyers will feel more inclined to invest if the name of your masterclass shows the “outcome” they have highlighted as the prize.

The Fix: Instead of choosing a generic name that is misaligned to the outcome, be literal with your approach. Such as “Monetize Made Easy, Limitless Sales, All In Clients and Aligned Boundaries”. These are names that show and provoke emotions.

Review the curriculum you would like to teach and ask yourself does it gives your clients a roadmap.

Pro tip: pull from your unique framework and teach on 1-3 subjects from your signature services/offerings.


Marketing Collateral


Once you lit a fire under the foundation, you want to focus on giving yourself enough time to market your masterclass.

Your audience isn’t looking for the most relatable brand they’re looking for a coach or service provider who’s trustworthy and that delivers the promises.

Simple ways to boost your brand’s credibility are to focus on visibility and brand positioning.

Visibility comes as primary, secondary, and tertiary.

The top of your funnel  → evergreenBlogging, Podcast, YouTube and Email Marketing

Middle funnel  →  social mediaInstagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter

Third funnel → PR & communityMedia, Articles and Collaboration

To receive the amount of sales you like, you need to at least have one of these touch points to communicate with your audience.

Depending on the altitude of your audience, you may need to spend more time in the visibility or nurture section of your audience.

Pause: As business owners, we use content + copy to sell our services. I’m sharing 3 content prompts to help you create more sales

Prompt One: If you could only tell your people one thing – what would it be? Share & tell them WHY this is the thing they need to know

Prompts Two: Share a common belief in your industry that you disagree with & share why you disagree with it (+ what you believe instead)

Prompt Three: What’s 1 thing that your ideal client could implement in 5 minutes that could help them have a small win/achieve something?



Simple sales and launch process


Below I mapped out a 10 day launch plan on how to sell your masterclass

Day OneDay Four: Teasing your offer and building anticipation for something gearing to launch — social media & email marketing TAKE PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENES OF WHAT THEY GET INSIDE THE OFFER.

Day Five: Presale spots inside of your masterclass

Day Six: Connection story post [POINT A TO POINT B]

Day Seven: Problem aware content “DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH _? HERE’S WHY…”

Day Eight: Perspective shifting content + social proof + mini training

Day Nine: Problem aware to solution [mini training, emails, stories]

Day Ten: Today is the LAST DAY TO GET INSIDE THE MASTERCLASS.. Here are the full details…. Cart closes in 12 hours

Take some time and map out what’s your signature launch method? * Presale, email marketing?

What’s your sales personality?

How warm is your audience?

Have you previously sold to your audience?

Be thoughtful with your answering because it’s common to misdiagnosis your audience strength, the need for what you’re selling, using a strategy that’s not aligned to your beliefs.



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