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Have you found yourself sitting down ready to do Bible study only to be left wondering how do I study the Bible? 

Or are you new into the faith does studying the Bible seem difficult? That was me in 2012 somewhat fresh into my faith journey.

I remember wanting desperately to read the Bible to gain a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. Still, I was left wondering how do I retain all the information that I just read?

I remember reading and reading with little to no clarity on things. One second I was learning about the earth being created, then next someone ( Abraham) was offering his son up as a sacrifice.

Talk about a plot twist, right?

 But I was left wondering how I can read, study the Bible in a way that’s effective and practical for beginners. It is easy to get lost.

After all, it is a book consisting of 66 books! Yikes!

That’s a whole lot of books. This past spring I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on how to properly teach, preach, study the Bible.

Talk about life-changing! 

Through the workshop, I was able to gain that missing component to the biggest question I had, and that was “How to Study the Bible,” and many of you are probably in the same position thinking, “How can I study the bible as a new believer”?

Bible Study tips for Beginner bible readers


But first, Why should a new believer study the Bible?

Excellent question, so before dive into the “how to study the Bible for Beginners” tips, lets first address “why.” Why should you read your Bible?

You should read your Bible because it makes you have wisdom; it helps you to overcome sin and the temptations to sin.

Reading your Bible gives you peace, and who doesn’t love peace? 

The Bible gives you direction, and it helps you to build that relationship or deepen your relationship with God.

It helps you to understand Jesus and how he was the critical component to us having a relationship with God.

Reading your Bible will ultimately change your life; you will desire to mirror yourself with God.

These are a few, but there are more reasons but to give you an idea this why you should read. This isn’t a forceful demand but, more of an try it you make like it.

Think of it as sushi, hated sushi until I tried it, and now sushi and are best friends, haha.

What was something that you hated until you tried it? 




One of the main reasons for studying the Bible may be difficult for you could be because you’re reading a Bible that’s hard to understand.

Say what?

Yes, you may be studying out of the wrong Bible.

I’m sure you may not know the plethora of Bible that’s out there.

Without the knowledge of that, your Bible study time with God will be a little hard.

If I could be honest when I first started reading the Bible, I was very overwhelmed.

I suffered from comprehending so before taking the ministry course if someone would’ve introduced another version of the Bible outside of the “King James Bible” I would’ve cringed because I always thought you must read from one bible.

Still, through God’s revelation and patience with me, He introduced me to the options.

How great is our God?

Once I read the other alternative, my eyes were opened on who God was, and I fell in love with God because I was able to understand His word in a tone that was easy for me.

Remember, this is a progressional thing, so keep that in mind- your walk, your Bible will differ from the next does that make you less of a believer?


Options you should check out are the audible version of the Bible through your bible app, the amplified Bible,  the living Bible, the easy to read the Bible.

There are more but give these a try and let me know how they work for you.




Congratulations, new bible reader you’ve picked a bible that’s easy to understand now its time to put it to use.

But, not just yet, one of the things that do reading without clarity comes to a stop is by inviting the Holy Spirit to have total access in that space. 

Wait, Aundra, I thought we were learning how to study the Bible for beginners? 

Yes, we’re, but inviting the Holy Spirit plays a huge, like a significant part of the success of your study. When you welcome the Holy Spirit in the study, the Holy Spirit of God comes carrying the Spirit of God, and 2 of the spirits of God that will be very beneficial in your research are the Spirit of “Understanding & Knowledge.” 

The Holy Spirit will give you the capability to understand the word of God, it will provide you with the ability to know, and when we know God, we’re able to figure out whats the lie and what the truth.

So how do you send out the invitation?

Through praise and worship! Worshipping God is bowing down in reverence, fear of Him, and glorifying his name. God has angels stationed around Him that is singing and praising His name-day in & out, but God wants to include you at that moment.

How awesome! Worshiping God focuses solely on God and when you mix those 2 with reading His word. OHHH, BABY! The excitement! 


By Rockie Naser

As a beginner bible reader, may I suggest a method that works! That method is called “Stamp.” This method is a more in-depth method that will teach you how to open and study the Bible effectively.

The stamp method stands for Study, Timeless truth, Application, Mediate, and lastly, prayer.

How does one apply this method? Grab your highlighters and journals, and I will show you how to use this method.

  1. Study the passage in its ENTIRETY! Not just the scripture but the whole passage. This is how you will learn the context of the chapter. So as you sit down, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to a deeper understanding. Look for the location. Look for the author(s). Was it before Christ or after Christ? All of these questions are a vital component that shouldn’t be taken out. I wasn’t familiar with this method about studying the bible/chapter, so reading the Bible was very difficult for me. So don’t read pieces read the whole chapter to gain a deeper understanding.


2. Timeless Truth- Does what you read still hold to this day? Such as “Does the word HOLY still hold its value? Did it mean the same thing before Christ & after Christ? 

3. Application- How can you apply that scripture to your life? What area of your life does that scripture apply to? How did it transform my life

Once we discover how the Lord wants to change our thinking, then we can ask God how He wants us to apply this truth in our lives to change our behavior.

A = Is there an attitude I need to adjust?

P = Is there a promise I need to claim?

P = Is there I priority I need to change?

L = Is there a lesson I need to learn?

I = Is there an issue I need to resolve?

C = Is there a command I need to obey?

A = Is there an activity I need to avoid?

T = Is there a truth I need to believe?

I = Is there an idol I need to tear down?

O = Is there an offense I need to forgive?

N= Is there a new direction I need to take?

S= Is there a sin I need to confess?



Transformation answers the question: Answers the question: How does God want to change my thinking, attitude, affections, perspective, behavior?

Without a changed heart and mind, our actions will never change.

We can control our practices temporarily when we know right or wrong for us to act a certain way.

But when our thought processes and perspective change, we will see a tremendous and lasting behavioral change. Of course, it is God who changes our affections and attitudes.

There are many times when I get on my knees and say, “Lord, I know this wrong, but I confess that I love and enjoy doing it.

Please change my affections to hate that which You hate and love that which You love for me.” 

4. Mediate- Set your timer for 5 minutes and sit and meditate upon God’s word! Mediate upon the goodness of God. Whatever the Spirit brings into your mind during that time, choose to meditate upon that.

5. Prayer- Pray over what you studied! 


Allow for your time in the presence of God to come to a never-ending state, that you will continue to read his word daily. That you will have fellowship with Him daily. Diving deeper and deeper into his presence. Don’t know how to do it? Ask the Spirit of God to reveal it to you. He’s our present help. 


Don’t think of bible study as a Mr. Serious moment, it is a moment to come into the presence of God with thanksgiving and whatever you’re going through surrender it to Jesus. Do not allow it to take you away from God, trust me I know life will do that but, do not allow it to.










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