How To Pray For Your Future Husband- The Best Prayer

how to pray for your future husband


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If you’re anything like me you have asked this question “How To Pray For Your Future Husband” ,  am I right?

For the past six years, I have waited ( still am waiting) on God for my future husband.

This time of waiting has been a beautiful, painful journey.

As I witness, many of my friends and family get married before me.

It left me broken, wondering if my prayer to God for my future husband was being heard.

I remember crying to God wondering when it be my time and sure if you’ve been waiting as long as I have you understand that longing.

But throughout my prayer, God gave me a prayer to use to help with the wait. And that’s what I wanted to share with you.
Pray along with me “ How To Pray For Your Future Husband- The Best Prayer.”

how to pray for your husband-

How To Pray For Your Future Husband- The Best Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you expressing my deepest gratitude for what you have done on Calvary cross.

 You died so that I may have this opportunity to speak to you openly and freely.

Father, I ask that you allow me to wait patiently in you during this time before you send me my husband. 

I don’t want to see this as a death sentence, but as a way, you and I can become more acquainted.

My heart desire is to meet my future husband will happen, allow me to take delight in you, Jesus. 

Allow for the thoughts that you have towards me fill my mind and heart.

I ask that within this time.

 You do not allow me to think that something is wrong with me. I know I am entirely and wonderfully made in your sight. 

I pray that I marry to honor your name not to fulfill a lustful filled passion, but, I pray that our two souls collide together into harmony with you. 

I pray that my future husband is a man after your own heart, that all of his ways are pleasing unto you!

 Take away the desire to act upon my flesh but increase the desire to live for you boldly in my season of waiting for my future husband. 

Allow for the spirit of WAIT to rest so heavy upon me. Please fill me with your presence, saturate my mind, control my desire(s).

 God controls the desire to live outside of your will because we know a life outside of you is a life filled with destruction and hurt.

Orchestrate the meeting of how I will meet my future husband that you have designed to be my suitable mate. May our union bring Glory unto the heavens. 

I pray that I am an excellent helpmate for my future husband, teach me how to be a good wife to my future husband. May I respect my future husband as the leader of the house teach me how to wash my future husband with the word of God.

I pray that you mold me to become the wife that he is pleading to marry.

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