Sunday routine for a productive week


If your anything like me, having a smooth sailing productive week is #goals! Haha.

For the longest time, I couldn’t get a good grip on this thing called life, and it drained me, had me feeling uninspired to do anything productive or self-care related.

Which isn’t cool!

I realized there was a reason I wasn’t feeling inspired, and that was because I wasn’t setting myself up for a successful week (life).

I was working harder and not smarter, which it tired me, made me sluggish, overwhelmed, and burnout. 

I wanted to change, and that change had to first start with me not looking at Sundays as a day to be SUPER lazy but to set myself for success by planning my entire week.

This Sunday routine for a productive week will take you approximately 10 minutes to set up your week.

Use my tips to help you plan out your Sunday routine for a productive week.

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Sunday routine for a productive week

For your to-do list.

Give your day’s themes.

As you plan out your week, give each day a specific task. 

I know some believe it’s about quantity over quality.

 But, I am a firm believer that If you focus primarily on a particular task each day, you will produce fantastic content (blogs, bible study). 

Use your planner and map out what you would like to accomplish each day and focus solely on the things you wrote.

 I suggest you do not add over three things to your daily list, especially if you’re working in corporate America, juggling a family. 

The whole point of this is to give you leverage, not drown you with unnecessary obligations.

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For your spiritual growth.

Spending time with Jesus.

It’s impossible to live a life full of joy and happiness without including God into it. Structure your schedule around your time with Jesus.

When you plan out your week in advance, you’re creating that opportunity that would be missed from having an overwhelming schedule.

Make it your priority to set the alarm, wake up early every morning and pray and seek God at the beginning of your day.


For your self- care.

 Self care & personal growth| Reflect & decompress.

I cannot rave about self-care enough if you want to have a productive week, self-care is mandatory!

Here are some at-home self-care that you can do on a Sunday.


l2.Facial Mask

3.Shower & tub Bath bombs

4. Read

Aundra’s book list for self-care:

1. An Invitation To Self Care| Tracey Cleantis

2.The Book of Self-Care: Remedies for Healing Mind, Body, and Soul| Mary Beth Janssen

3.Healing Your Soul: Christian Self-Care| Dr. Samuel White III

4.Healing Your Emotional Self| Beverly Engel

5.The Little Book of Self-Care| Michael Noakes

6. Holy Bible| Inspired by God’s spoken words

Reflection and decompress:

I could add this under self-care, but I wanted to make these separate because, for some (mainly including myself), when I am indulging in self-care, I am focusing on the health of me. 

When I am reflecting, I am focusing on what I could have done better last week, how I could have handled stress, relationships, conflicts better.

1. How could I be more grateful?

2. How could I be more mindful of how I am treating other people when placed in a difficult situation?

3. How can I communicate with others?

4. Am I overly committing myself to something that’s pulling me away?

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sunday routine for a productive week

For your life

For your life & family.

Use your Sundays to set yourself up for success by:


1.Meal Prep.

2. Setting out your clothes for the week.

3. Organizing. 

4. Planning your content.

5. Planning time for your family.

Set yourself up for success! Plan ahead of time so you’re not missing any moment with your family and loved ones!



Thanks for reading, what does your Sunday routine look like for a productive week?



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