Step Back Into Your Femininity: Aligning Five Figure Clients


Your life experiences will affect how you run, operate, and scale your business.

As a woman raised in a single-parent household, I witnessed my mom step outside of her femininity to raise her children by placing the role of a father on her shoulders (her words).

As a child, we often replicate what we see in our early life, not knowing if what we’ve been taught is true or false.

As God revealed more about being a woman and embracing my femininity, I was utterly shocked at the level of masculinity I had incorporated into my business.

The Art of being a woman represents = flow, ease, grace, elegance, abundance, radiance, vulnerability, and gentleness.

When you’re growing into your 6 figure self in your business, it’s one of the most grueling, hustle 24/7, weekly burnout moments within your business journey.

You’ll spend much time in total dominance, hunting down clients, being aggressive (hard-close) in sales, and ignoring your womanhood to compete against males in your industry. Or simply ignoring your life to bring more money into your world.

In today’s blog post, you’ll learn how to Step Back In Your Femininity: Aligning Five-Figure Clients.


Here’s how you can: Step Back In Your Femininity: Aligning Five-Figure Clients


1.Becoming Submitted To The Cross


Within the Holy Spirit business model, you’ll often hear me referring to my business as God’s business and that I’m simply a co-worker in his garden.

I had to realign myself to what was true of my position, which meant I stepped off the throne and submitted my business back to God.

By doing so, I created a heart posture of obedience and submission to the vision of God.


2. Creating Vulnerability To Align Five-Figure Clients

Returning to your emotional state will help you embrace grace and elegance in your business.

Being a leader isn’t about being in control; it’s about being vulnerable and showing empathy and compassion to the people you serve.

Initially, my fear of sharing my upbringing and other insecurities I battled with made me feel inadequate.

Contrary to my beliefs, once I peeled the curtains back and shared my wounds, I connected with prospects looking for coaches and mentors with similar upbringings.

Vulnerability creates an atmosphere where you’re not solely focused on being  the leader of people, but that you’re a leader for people.

It’s only possible to step into leadership to call forward five-figure paying clients if you’re willing to break down the walls of shame, guilt, and condemnation.  

3. Step Back Into Your Femininity: Bringing Your beauty inside out.


Much of growing into your 6 figure role is about internal healing, but after you’ve mastered that portion, we often overlook the physical appearance.

 Queen Esther focused not only on internal beauty. She underwent two stages of bathing in oils to detoxify herself and bring back softness and femininity. 

She went through 6 months of with perfumes and cosmetics. Do not withhold from yourself, do what makes you feel confident. 

Take a bath, go to the spa. 

The more confidence and peace you have about yourself, the more it will reflect your confidence to show up on camera to sign premium offers without feeling unworthy.


4. The Art Of femininity: How To Led With Gentleness

Not every moment of coaching or mentoring needs to be a moment of challenging your clients beyond their breaking point. 

Unless you know that person’s upbringing, that client may shut down or look to you as her enemy instead of a supporter. 

By applying gentleness to my delivery style, I created a safe space in the sales call process where my clients took off their defense guard from past failed investments, business shame, etc., and shared intimate aspects of their business with me.


Okay, so tell me, do you resonate? Did you rediscover yourself?

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