3 Things To Focus On As A New Christian Online Entrepreneur


You have heard all the things about business and entrepreneurship, but never from the Christian perceptive.

You’ve learned that as Christian entrepreneurs, we’re to do things for free or, if not for free, at a significantly discounted price.

And as a new budding Christian entrepreneur, I am here to tell you what, where you should focus on as you’re stepping out into the online space.

For the past six years, I have built an online blog that has garnered thousands of views, sold multiple high tickets offers to women just like you so, it has always been my dream to continue to breathe life into other budding businesses. In today’s post we’re discussing 3 Things You Should Focus On As A New Christian Online Entrepreneur; grab your pen and paper; it’s going to be super juicy!


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3 Things You Should Focus On As A New Christian Online Entrepreneur




3 Things You Should Focus On As A New Christian Online Entrepreneur



1. Trusting God with the vision of your new Christian Online Business

The vision that God has placed within you will become fogging the more exposure you gain to other advanced entrepreneurs.

You’ll question what God has placed within you but, nothing is more detrimental to your business than comparison.

Trust God! Trust the vision that God has placed within you at all costs.


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2. Learn who your ideal online audience is immediately

Truly understanding your ideal audience’s needs and desires will allow your business to reach massive heights.

By this, I’m not referring to surface level desires; I’m referring to:

A. What is keeping them up at night?
B. What subconscious thoughts are they experiencing that keeping them stuck?
C. How are they just accepting life

Knowing who you’re serving from the beginning will help to build out your successful business.



3. Create a visibility strategy for your new online business

Growing your audience should be considered a priority.

Many Christian entrepreneurs overlook how important visibility is for the sustainability of the business; creating social media content alone isn’t considered a marketing strategy to bring in clients in rotation.

Map out your touch points on how you want to grain leads to your business.

According to axiapr.com they suggested,

Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with the media has a slightly different meaning today than it used to. While it’s still true that a story about your company in a reputable media outlet provides terrific exposure, it also improves your Google search ranking. When media outlets link to your site, it increases your company’s authority and, therefore, your Google ranking.



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4.  Selling high tickets is easier than a mid or lower ticket

I know you think selling $97 or $297 offers is great because who would buy a new entrepreneur’s program/services.

But pricing your offer at a higher rate will call in qualified people to work with you. Despite what you have been taught about selling, it’s easier to sell high than low.

Crafting offers that will sell mini-course teaches you how to map out horn highest ticket offer with ease and alignment.


Tell me- what did you use you knew about becoming an online entrepreneur.


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