32 Journal prompts for personal growth

32 journal prompts for personal growth


Hey sister,

Have you ever felt as if everyone in life is progressing beside you?

Such a discouraging place to be in, am I right?

Well, in today’s post, I wanted to change things up and have sister time slightly! * cue group hug*

As you already know, I love journaling and implementing new habits into my life to help kick-start personal growth! And I wanted to include you on this journey with me.

Here in this post, you’ll find 32 journal prompts for personal growth!

Grab your pen and journal, and let us dive into this, shall we!!

32 Journal prompts for personal growth

1. In a few words, how would you describe your current mindset?

2. In what areas of your life do you self sabotage yourself?

3. What are you most grateful for within your life? 

4. Name four things you can let go of that hindering your personal growth?

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And what do you feel like you need to accomplish those goals?

6. What healthy habit can you add to your life right now to boost your confidence?

7. What attributes about God are you working to embody?

8. What is your passion/purpose?

9. How can you communicate clearly to others about your emotions 

10. What motivates you?

11. How can you get out of your comfort zone to promote growth

12. What are your strengths?

13. How can you improve your self-confidence?

14. Name three things you can remove from your life to declutter your heart and mind?

15. How can you deal with disappointment healthily?

16. What are some areas you want to grow in within your life?

17. Have you accepted Jesus as your savior? 

18. What makes you happy?

19. How are you choosing to reduce everyday life stress? 

20. How can I add positive affirmations into my life?

21. Have I sought out healing from past trauma?

22. How can I be optimistic about my future?

23. How can I stay productive?

24. In what areas of my life do I need more discipline? 

25. Do I deal with change negatively? Or do I invite change into my life?

26. How can I have a better attitude about my future? 

27. How can I set up a thriving atmosphere for growth?

28. What are some wealthy mindset routines you need to adopt into your life 

29. What are some ways I can love myself more?

30. What gives me the courage to believe in the impossible? 

31. Is my fear(s) stopping me from greatness?

32. Am I cultivating healthy friendships that could hold me accountable?

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32 journal prompts for personal growth

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I hope this journaling prompts help kick start your personal growth this year!

Comment some ideas you’re implementing into your life this year?





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