How to stop compromising Your Faith


Some of us live by the mantra ” Life is all about compromising” but where do we draw the line when it comes to our faith?

That was a question I asked myself as I negated my moral and beliefs just to be accepted.


Where do we say this thing, I would not budge on?

What are those areas of your life that aren’t worth compromising?

Do you compromise your faith in God?

Do you compromise your abstinence?

The word compromise means to.

Accept a standard that is lower than desirable.

Why do we believe settling or compromising who where could be beneficial for us?

Why do many of us settle? Last year I found myself when I settled.

I dated a guy who didn’t have a religion, but I compromised the inner depths of me all for this guy.

I felt as if I lost my identity in Christ just for a relationship. I asked myself, why did I compromise my faith just for this earthly relationship?

Why do we compromise our faith?

In James 4:17, it says, “whoever knows the right thing to do but, don’t do it is a sin.”

For we know that compromising our morals and beliefs are sinful in the eyes of God, why do we still compromise ourselves and bending to the world instead of being separate.

I’m the first to say that throughout life, I compromised and settled, I replaced God with things and people.

Then one day, I realized Jesus didn’t die for this; he didn’t suffer just so I could compromise my faith. Settle for the trickery of the enemy.

We must get back to the core definition of what Christ stands for, and that’s faith.

• Hope that we trust in the unseen { Romans 8:24}
• Faith that all things will come together for those who love God { Romans 8:28}
• Faith that in due season we shall reap if we do not lose hope {Galatians 6:9}
•Trust that the suffering you’re enduring would not always last { Romans 8:18}
• Faith that God is our protector, our hope, our salvation, father.
If we know God is faithful, why do we compromise our faith?


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