How to share your testimony effectively

how to share your testimony effectively


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Sharing your testimony can sometimes seem daunting,; perhaps it’s because we’re too focused on what others may think of us through our testimony.

It is that feeling of uneasiness, sweaty palms, dry mouth, thoughts racing through your mind because we’re scared some might judge us.

Well, that was me as I stepped in the baptism pool to dedicate my life back to God, someone asked me to share my testimony on why I committed my life to Jesus, I was so nervous.

My voice cracked, and I was sweating profusely because I wonder would people look at me differently, but God’s perfect love canceled out any fear that gripped me from sharing my testimony.

Talk about a relief!

Now, your experience may be like mine where you’re nervous about sharing your testimony, but I wanted to give you a few sisterly tips to coach you on how to share your testimony offline and online. Whoop! Whoop!

Let us get into it, haha.

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how to share your testimony offline and online

Share Authentically.

One of the most beautiful things about sharing your testimony is that it is your story!

When you’re authentic about where you were and where you’re now, it’s such a beautiful moment.

Won’t you agree?

When I look back over my life and how much God has moved.

I am always so overcome with joy.

It is a joy that I am bursting to share with others.

Sharing your testimony isn’t some rigorous activity, it’s a joyful moment, and when we keep our eyes on that prize, sharing your testimony offline and online becomes a breeze.


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 God is genuinely represented at that moment as our redeemer. 

People want to know that they’re not the only ones out here battling, defeating drug addiction, alcoholism, pornography alone.

You’re able to give them hope and shine the true essence of God.

When you speak about what God has done for you as your true authentic self, God is being glorified.

So as you post, share, or maybe hold small groups at your home, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Everyone had a starting point.

Someone out there is waiting for your testimony to help them know that they can still make it.

Don’t give in to fear of opinions.

Someone is waiting on your obedience.

Tip #1: How to share: Share authentically! BE YOURSELF! People will appreciate your quirky sense of humor, your transparency.


Share while looking to the cross.

Some of you may be like me, where you share your testimony, and you’re looking into the faces of the ones who are hearing your testimony and thoughts run rapidly through your mind and you’re wondering ” are they looking at me differently now that they know I was once ______,____”?

I want you to share your testimony while looking at Jesus. Remove the thoughts of judgment, condemnation.

Sharing your testimony not only brings freedom to you, but it also brings freedom and healing to someone else.

Tip #2: How to share your testimony: Share while looking to the cross! Jesus has paid it all, so you no longer have to walk with guilt and shame of your story. 


God doesn’t require that you share this alone.

As you open your mouth to share your testimony, know it is God speaking on your behalf.

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 The one who sent me is with me, ; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases him.”

He’s with you, and the more you look to him for courage, the more His Spirit fills you with the pure essence of Him. Possibly, pray as God leads you to share your testimony with other believers or non-believers.

I know sometimes the internet is very crucial, and you’re nervous about sharing but, remember we, as in God’s children, we overcome through the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony.

Focus your eyes on the cross as you share.

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how to share your testimony offline and online 

Share confidently 

As you share your testimony, share boldly that nothing, no past sin, no past or current action is too big for God.

Share your testimony with the full assurance that if they clung to God, that He will radically transform their life.

I know sometimes sharing with strangers may seem daunting, but I want to challenge you to confidently trust and rely upon God that He will give you the right words.

I know we live in a day in time where cyber bullying is real and it may detour you,, but I want you to be bold.

God told Joshua not to be afraid because He is with him, and the same goes for you.

God is the God who is always near so as you host small groups, or maybe lead a bible study or make your very first post to share how God saved your life share in the courage of God.

Tip #3: How to share: Share your testimony with confidence!

That if we cling to him, place our trust in Him He will bring others to the knowledge of Him. Share your testimony confidently that Jesus is all that we need!


The main focal point of sharing is to draw the highlighted focus back to God.

To paint how Jesus is our savior, clear your mind, and rely upon God.

You got this!

God is being exalted even in your hesitation of wanting to share your testimony.

Remember to share your testimony with gladness. 



1. Share Authentically! Your testimony is your story!

2. Share while looking to the cross– Rely upon God’s strength!

3. Share Confidently In God’s power that He is our redeemer, our savior!


love ya,


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