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I heard through the great vine that you’re looking to launch a product on your blog site?

How excited are you?

I remember the first product I launched on my blog, and it was as if the heavens opened, and I heard the angels sing, haha!

Okay, that’s not quite how the story took place, but that moment of launching a product on my blog website was such a pivotal moment for me. 

I was nerve-excited. You know when your nerves and excitement collide together. You don’t know rather be a nervous wreck or to be elated.

I’m sure at this point your nerve-excited and ready to take off and launch your very first product and within this post you’ll find how to do with ease and confidence.


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1. Sit before the Lord

Before you start purchasing a product to sell, or before you begin filling out the form, host courses on your blog. We want to include God in this process.

It is super easy to get lost with the whole idea of monetizing your blogs that we push God to the back burner of this entire process.

Through seeking God, we’re able to confidently, with doubt or hesitation, fulfill this mission. It is super stressful launching a product or doing anything without God.

I’ve bruised and bumped my head along this process by excluding God, and if I had any advice that’s higher than anything you can read on this blog is to acknowledge God. In Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1, it says, in the beginning, was God.

So, when you include God initially, you’re taking your stand by declaring unto God that I cannot move without you.

Sit at the Lords’ feet, ask him questions. Get a general idea of what He wants you to sell.

That’s numero uno! Do not move before the cloud or outside the presence of God.

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2.Vision board

I had the opportunity to meet a young lady back home in Michigan who wanted to sell a product on her site, and she was ready to take off and spend, spend, spend, lol.

Thank God I caught.


Before you launch a product on your blog site, get a budget together. Do not decide to spontaneously jump into selling products without first gathering and collecting data.

Get alone and brainstorm ideas! Every idea that floods your mind, write it down! You will encounter so many snags along the way. Some might be outside of your control, and some will be within your control.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What type of product am I trying to sell?
  2. Will this be a physical or download?
  3. How much money do I have within my savings to launch a product without going into debt?
  4. What area within my life could be a little more organized and detailed oriented before I found a detailed product?
  5. What is the overall vision of the product?
  6. Does it slide in effortless into my website?

There isn’t any small question within this process, and you will thank yourself later! Trust me!

3. Research

At this moment, you’re a researcher! Before you start selling anything on your website, you want to research who my audience is?

After you figured that out, ask what problems are they always asking me to solve?


Suppose your audience is always asking you how to build journals. Do not launch a product with anything to do with the demand for what people want.

Browse through your emails, messages, and ask what are my readers demanding of me?

This how you will have a successful launch of your product.

4. Promote your website

Nothing kills a start like no activity on your website.

I’ve been there, and it is hurtful 🙁

I would suggest making sure you either promote your website to get the desired activity, interactions that you want before launching. This moment before launching is a moment to go inside of your prayer closet and ask God to help you in this area as well.

Promote your website, social accounts while mentioning your new product that will launch. Also, take advantage of your mailing list, as well. Promote within!

Build the excitement up of the product. I know you’re excited about the product, but make sure that other people are passionate about your product as well.

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I know at this point that so much is going on. And you’re not taking a second to breathe!

So I want you to remember to breathe during this time.

Everything will go as planned!

God is with you!

Just breathe and resume preparing your launch.


6.Trail run

Do a trial run of everything to make sure that everything is working correctly.

Such as checkout charts, follow up emails, notifications on your end if the customer cancels their order.

Just overlook every functionality on your website to make sure that it is adequately functioning.

I’ve made the mistake of not checking out my website. I missed orders due to a technical problem. If I would’ve taken an extra hour to make sure that everything was working, I could’ve saved myself the embarrassment of not looking professional.

Make sure you’re all good under the hood before you hit green light.

Things will happen along this process that is outside of your control.

Don’t freak out! Don’t freak out!

Just calmly fix it and prepare yourself for your launch.


Yay! You made it! I am so excited!

Remember this just an outline, and your course will probably be different but, if you hit the majority of the things on this list, you will have a successful launch on your blog.

But, before you launch your product, seal everything with a prayer!

 Now it’s your turn- what type of products are you thinking of launching?



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