How To Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

6 Ways To Successfully Grow Your Instagram


Have you grown tired of wondering why no one is following your Instagram?

I know you’re probably at the place where the temptation to spend money on fake followers seem oh so tempting.

Am I right?

Well, I know I’m guilty of this * insert crying face*.

So, before you spend money on buying followers, or doing the follow to unfollow rule.

Apply these methods.

I don’t consider myself to be a social media guru AT ALL, but; I managed to go from 16 followers to 4,700+ followers organically.

And I did it all by following these few key steps.

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6 Ways To Successfully Grow Your Instagram

Here’s a small recap of where my account was initially. 

I originally started with 16 followers, I desired to grow my account but I wanted to do it organically without purchasing fake followers or hiring a social media manager to run my account. So how did I grow my following when no one wanted to follow me?

Update: I almost with 6,000 followers

Stopped aiming for top accounts instead:

look for followers who have the same amount of followers like yourself.

When you’re growing your account, I know you see all your favorite top Instagram influencers and you want to follow them in hopes that they might follow you back.

Yeahhhhh, that’s not the case!

The majority of those big influencers get followers by the thousands, and it’s hardly impossible for them to see your account when their page is flooded with notifications.

Truth is, they may never see you BUT that’s okay.

I want to introduce another way to grow effectively that will help with engagement.

Here’s the why:

look for followers who have the same amount of followers like yourself.

You guys have the same END GOAL and that goal is to build and grow!

Instead of choosing to follow top influencer(s) choose to follow your local influencer(s).

More than likely, they will respond to you, they’re more willing to collaborate on projects and best of all they’re willing to share your content on their page.


This way is a  SURE FIRE way to gain 1k followers overnight!




You’re not using hashtags that are designated to your niche:

It is very easy to look up hashtags and believe that since a hashtag has over 1 million users that’s the best hashtag to use.

Well, not really!

The problem with those hashtags is that they’re overpopulated and they aren’t bringing in people who are authentically interested in your page.

So they will only like but, never follow OR they will just add to your overall page impression by looking only.

Using hashtags such as #happy and #peace isn’t going to grow your following.

Since those hashtags are overpopulated, that means that content with those hashtags attached to it is strolling in by the millions which mean soon as you post your content it’s getting wash away by the other Instagram users. 

Which results in no followers- because they have no idea that you exist because you’re not using the correct hashtags.

Here’s how to fix it:

Use hashtags that are primarily associated with your niche!

Once, you locate those hashtags look at the number of hashtags users.

Ideally, you want to stay between 500,000- 200,000 followers.

If you decide to go to low with your number, your content will not get seen but, if you decide to go to high your content will most definitely not be seen.

Find a medium happy place!

 You’re not showing your personality:

Growing your Instagram account is serious work but, the problem with being serious all the time is that it hinders your personality from shining completely.

People will follow who they relate to!

No relatability, No followers!

Are you making your account more relatable or are you just trying to be the “Next”?

Are you allowing for your personality to shine?

We want to see your quirky personality through your Instagram feed.

Show us who you’re and once you establish who you’re you will be able to reach an audience who shares similar interests as yourself.

Here’s how to incorporate you:

I believe in the ratio 3:1- for every 3 business-related images you post. Post an image of you showcasing your “personality”.

This will help to show that you’re human, lol. And that you’re not afraid to be your true authentic self.


why no one is following your instagram

 You’re not Socializing:

Here’s a tough question:

Are you socializing on Instagram or are you choosing to isolate yourself in hopes that people will stumble upon your account?

Or better yet, are you responding to comments, messages that were left on your account?

I know a tough question(s) right? * Ekkk I know! No more tough questions.

Here’s how to socialize more:

Be active & supportive of other accounts besides yours!

Comment instead of liking, I know liking images is super easy but with likes being taking down in many countries it forces you to engage more.

Which isn’t terrible!

Be present and active and show others that I can shine the light on you without competing.

Your account has no clear message:

When trying to grow your following you need to have a clear message on what your mission is if you haven’t figured out your “Why” your account will always fall short.

Here’s how to gain a clear message:

Ask yourself your why.

Why am I on Instagram?

Who is the target audience I am trying to reach?

What problem can I solve?

For my account I love writing faith base quotes that are designed to strengthen encourgage someone who maybe dealing with depression or other related factors.

 I recognized the problem, and that problem was that there are many people dealing with depression so, I aimed to reach that specific group of people.

Narrow down your why? And figure out what you can offer someone.

Some niches need a certain theme for this others do not, so do not believe the hype that you have to be aesthetic crazy. All you need is a solid problem solving solution.


Your account isn’t growing because you haven’t invested in yourself:

Are you one of those types of people who try to figure it out without even knowing what you’re doing wrong?

Yep! I was one of those people, haha.

I was adamant that I wanted to figure out a plan by myself.

 And I told myself that there isn’t a need to invest in myself and hire a coach or mentor.

What was I afraid of? I think I feared that I wasn’t able to afford a coach or social media courses. So I talked myself out of investing in one.

But what I didnt know was that a lot of coaches, social media courses were not asking for you to fork over thousands of dollars.

Say what?

Yes, I’ve taken countless amounts of courses all ranging from $11- 50. And psst the cheaper one had all the information in it, haha.

They were all budget friendly and I was able to grow my account.

Here’s how to fix it:

Find someone whom you trust and enroll in their course! 

Can’t find any?

Just your luck, I have one right the bloggers workshop! Which offers social media tips and tricks.

It is super affordable and it will give you more ways to grow your account.


Bonus Tip: Make sure you’re paying attention to your page analytics to figure out when is the best time to post for your account.


I hope all this helps!

Comment below which method you’re applying to your account today!







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