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The most beautiful accessory that a girl could wear does not lie in the soles of her shoes, but it hides in the soul of her heart

As a Christian woman in today’s society we should deem ourselves as royalty because we’re daughters of the most high, almighty KING!

What baffles me is the fact that we claim to be lovers of God but tear each other down with our words and demeanor.

Below are some tips on how to improve your self confidence  through our Lord and savior.

how to improve your self confidence



Addressing the core issue would help discover where the lack of confidence is coming from, the only way to find the core issue is by seeking God and ask Him to expose the areas of your life that need work done to it.

Those who struggle with a lack of self-confidence struggle with finding their identity. Which brings me to my second point…

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Finding your identity through Jesus could be tricky if you haven’t established a relationship with him.

I suggest you get before the Lord and lay out your heart. One of my biggest setbacks was that I’m not smart and has caused a lot of self issues over the years.

One of the key ways to find self confidence in Jesus is by seeking him for your purpose.

Ask God what was I designed for?

What is my purpose in life and watch God move in your life? You need to discover who you are in Christ.

When you discover this your entire perspective will change.

You will not need to compare yourself or your journey to others because you will find contentment in where you are at.

Your thoughts need to shift from, “I don’t appreciate this part of myself” to “God created me this way for a REASON.

I also suggest that you take a fast from technology. It is easiest to feel insecure when I am scrolling through my feed and I see pictures and posts of girls beautiful while forgetting that they are using filters of many kinds on social media.

Instead, as you take a fast from social media, be in the word of God.

Download a Bible app onto your device and replace it with social media apps.

Every time you consider opening up Facebook, read the book of Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, or James.

Also, as you are discovering who you are in Christ, be open and honest with Him about your insecurities and struggles.

He adores you and never wants to see you hurting.



You must change the way you think.

It sounds simple, but in fact is difficult.

With every negative thought, you must change it with a positive one.

The area that I struggle with the most is having the confidence in myself to share my thoughts.

Each time that little voice in my head says, “You’re dumb, you’re stupid, and you aren’t worthy (etc.),” I say, “I am smart in my own ways, I am creative, I am thoughtful, I am enough, and the devil can’t control my thoughts today because I am a daughter of the King!”

Verbalizing your insecurities may sound absurd, however, it works wonders!

You need to refute the negative voices in your head before you can experience transformation in your self-confidence.



Educate yourself in God’s creation.

Ask Him to reveal Himself to you.

As you do this, you will learn about the beauty in His perfect order- you will learn how much thought went into creating you after were created in God’s image.

The same God who paints the sunrises every morning, planted the trees in the ground, also took the time to make you!

It will give you a sense of gratitude of the body that He created for you and how He desired your body to be just the way it is!

It will take time to change the way you see yourself, it will not happen, but it can and will happen, but only with the help of our God.

The confidence that you have in yourself can transform your relationship with God because you will be able focus your thoughts on Him, instead of your insecurities.

Remember that the most beautiful accessory any girl can wear has nothing to do with the clothes she wears, but the self-confidence that she displays.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalms 139:13

What are some ways your improving your confidence?

Guest blog by: Leah Pilcher








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