Female Entrepreneurs Guide To Avoiding Burnout


As a female entrepreneur, you’ll often hear to push yourself harder each day and that if you want success, you have to work and hustle 24 hours out the day.

And I get it- because honestly, nothing excites me more than waking up and meeting with a client to help kick start their blogging journey or business journey.

But women to women, all that did was cause frustration and fatigue.

I wasn’t showing up ready for success in my business because I was mentally exhausted. Working long nights, sleeping for 2 hours out the day, and relying heavily upon Starbucks cold brews to help alleviate the massive exhaustion headaches I had.

And if I could be honest- the guilt of resting and not working weighted me down. All you see on social media are entrepreneurs working and working, and here I am, sleeping like Snow White.

Here is the real tear-jerker: you can have a successful business without running yourself empty.

When you’re working yourself to the ground, you’re completely omitting yourself from God’s peace and rest. God’s tasks are always light when you work with him and listen to his instructions. Below you’ll find some of my favorite tips to help with burnout.

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Female Entrepreneurs Guide To Avoid Burnout


1.Completely surrender your schedule to God before you work


Completely letting go of your schedule is not the first time you’ll hear me say to include God in your schedule, and after this post, you’ll hear me say this more.

As a female entrepreneur, you’re a goal-getter who flies by the best to her drums.

But what I’ve learned throughout the years of entrepreneurship is that as much of a boss chick that I am- I am still acceptable to getting burnout when doing too much in one sitting.

Completely surrender your schedule and ask God to help you choose what’s most important for the week/ day.

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2. Work Life Balance

Work balance- knowing when to pull away from work is crucial when aiming to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur.

As mentioned previously the guilt of resting while you competitors are working will keep you in front of you computer or overbooking your schedule.

Become intuitive about where you’re mentally will help you avoid burning out completely.


3.Recharge with journaling

Recharge by journaling – one of my favorite things to do for growth is journaling. 

Journaling, as an entrepreneur, is self-care and personal growth. Journaling allows you to step out of the hustle and bustle of building and step into gratitude.

We’re often burning ourselves out because we have yet to celebrate all the major accomplishments we have achieved. 

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4. Celebrating your wins

Celebrate yourself- Celebrate all of your small wins.

As an entrepreneur, your goal is to scale and surpass your previous goal, and sometimes you’ll find yourself not celebrating what you’ve accomplished, which leads to not having a healthy outlook on work balance. 


In closing, being an entrepreneur is by far one of the most exciting adventures anyone could ever willingly sign up for within your life.

Let’s not run ourselves to the ground while on this adventure. You owe it to yourself to rest.

Now, it’s your turn; what are some tips to overcome entrepreneur burnout.


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