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Can I be open and honest and talk about the insecurities that gripped me? 

For the longest time, it was hard for me to see my worth; I battled with self-confidence and understanding that my beauty, my confidence wasn’t based upon societal standards of beauty.

So, rewinding to that time when I was searching for confidence, I remember tearing myself apart.

My words ate away at my self-esteem. And looking in the mirror for some should be this liberating moment. 

But, for me, it was a time to reflect to see how my teeth weren’t the straightest. 

How my skin wasn’t  the clearest, how my body wasn’t in the best shape and how the deep chocolate hue of my skin wasn’t considered desirable.

Not one of my proudest moments!

But, since we’re friends here I want to show you guys  5 things to do that helped boost your self confidence. 




Journaling has been the goldmine to helping me handle when I want to abuse myself!

I know verbal abuse towards yourself may not sound like a “thing” but anyone who may have battled with self-hatred towards themselves is abusing themselves.

Instead of tearing at myself with words I channeled that effort into writing, it was so easy for me to pick apart myself but it was so hard for me to love myself.

I decided that I no longer wanted to be that way towards myself so, journaling became my best friend (Even to where I decided years later to launch my journal line).

Journal down all of your destructive thoughts but speak out positive things about yourself.


Example: I am worthless.

Speak: I am worthy, I am enough!

Speak only the positive you’re nurturing.

 May not seem like a huge self-care tip but our words produce whatever we speak and the more you speak life, the more your mindset will shift and you will believe what you tell yourself.

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I live by the mantra “Take it a day at a time”! It didn’t take 1 day to build up those insecurities so show grace to yourself as you’re gaining confidence and tearing down every lie that you told yourself.

Ask yourself what can I work on today?  How can I alter the verbiage towards myself today?

What insecurity can I work on today?

Give yourself enough time to work on things properly. Not racing to the finish line, but wanting to uncover and flip over each insecurity that I had.

Grace yourself enough time to heal, this is your story!

Be gentle!

It took me 2 years to figure out I was worthy to be loved. To some that may be too long but, I wanted to figure out where did my insecurity stem from, and through showing grace towards myself to go at the pace comfortable for me I was about to cure my insecurity!


How often do you celebrate YOU? Not enough, I am guessing! Well, that will stop T-O-D-A-Y!!!

Celebrate who you’re, so often we spend hours looking in the mirror at ourselves figuring out what doesn’t belong. I speak with experience because I was that person.

I desired to be someone else that it hindered me from realizing how awesome I am! HAHA! And you’re sitting there not realizing how awesome you’re.

Celebrate who you’re!

 Recreate what society says is beautiful and be your version of beautiful!

 You are calling the shots!

 Celebrate your quirks, you’re beautiful!

You’re molded with perfection even in your imperfection you’re worthy to be celebrated!

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One of my favorite thing to do is to read! Yep, you guessed it- I am a real book junky!

I am always looking for ways I can learn easy essential tips on how I can learn to better myself in all aspects of my life!

One of my favorite blogs that cater to self-care, self-improvement is theblissfulmind.com– Catherine does an amazing job with helping you navigate how to reach that optimize level of self-care!

Here is one blog that I found interesting and it might help someone struggling with insecurities.

Read it here:

3 habits you need for better self-care 

I won’t add my complete book list of must-read books, but to name a few here are some amazing books that will help you master how to steer through your insecurities.

Aundra’s book list for self-care:

1. An Invitation To Self Care| Tracey Cleantis

2.The Book of Self-Care: Remedies for Healing Mind, Body, and Soul| Mary Beth Janssen

3.Healing Your Soul: Christian Self-Care| Dr. Samuel White III

4.Healing Your Emotional Self| Beverly Engel

5.The Little Book of Self-Care| Michael Noakes

6. Holy Bible| Inspired by God’s spoken words


Plug yourself into a small support group! I know that may seem a kind of crazy for some but; it was the greatest blessing in disguise. Around the time I enrolled in a small group I was dealing with identity issues. 

I found this group of women who were going through the same thing I was going through and it was like a breath of fresh air! I found sisters within people that could help along this journey.

Sometimes we feel like we have to do things alone and figure out life alone, but having that small group helped me to see my worth. I no longer hide in isolation and I wasn’t embarrassed and over time we healed my insecurities.

Here is a small group that you can enroll in:

 The Cozy Corner Support Group




















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