Are you ready to finally understand how to use your God-given purpose, gifts, and story as a way to generate thousands into your business ( possibly even more) within 12 weeks?

Before you answer, imagine how it would feel to have clarity, confidence, and structure. You'll need to showcase your expertise online while creating a massive impact on the people God has ordained you to.

Omg! I got goosebumps just thinking about you dominating the lane God has called you to. 

Can you feel it?

Here's the thing, sis- I know you're tired of just " talking & thinking about it" what it would feel like to walk in purpose and create the online business finally.

Here's the truth, you're stuck.

Here's why I know this to be true.

You have heard everything about business and entrepreneurship but never from the Christian perceptive. 

You've learned that as Christian entrepreneurs, we're to do things for free or, if not for free, at a significantly discounted price. 

You were told to remove God from your vision to advance over your competitors, and when it's convenient, to throw Biblical scriptures so that others will know that you're Christian. 

And despite how much you were taught about marketplace building, I am here to debunk myths about launching, marketing, and sales. 

I know God has placed something beautiful within you, yet you lack the know-how to build it correctly. And I get it- it's overwhelming. You want to be obedient, but yet where do you start? How do you build your tribe? Or how do you create compelling content that garners sales? So many questions are probably filling Your mind. 

Look, I get it. 

I used to be this way six years ago, God had placed such an amazing business idea within me, but I lacked the confidence, clarity, and business strategy to build an online empire. 

I struggled with including God, marketing, selling, gaining leads, and knowing that what I am building is much greater than I am. 

You see others climbing the ladder while you're still barely holding on—prophecy after prophecy but yet... nothing.

I knew it had to be a better way to go about online entrepreneurship.

I’m Aundra Williams, a business mentor, speaker & author. Also, entrepreneur, penguin lover, and self-proclaimed bakery chef.

After spending 5 years as a Christian blogger, I joined the entrepreneurial sphere. I’ve helped my clients build successful online business that generated thousands in revenue while also creating my personal  business that I scaled from $32 to close to 6 figures online.

I’m passionate about helping Christian entrepreneurs better structure, leverage, and run their businesses while keeping God the center of their minds & business. I’m so in love with cute penguins and binge-watching holiday baking cooking wars. For me, it’s essential to understand that Jesus has come to give life, and it’s important to enjoy life as much as we enjoy our business life.

Hey there girly,

Breakthrough Mini Mind


Gillian d.

I will be singing praises to your name, my client paid in full + with a few custom work her total came up to $5k

Breakthrough Clarity will ensure you're creating the foundational steps you'll need to build a profitable, groundbreaking online business that highlights you as the industry expert. Many entrepreneurs overlook the foundational steps to build a powerful, magnetic online presence. Spend a little time discovering how to locate your ideal audience, messaging, business model and so much more.

Breakthrough Clarity

module 01

Craft out your foundational online offer or service that will that sell like hotcakes to your audience. Discover what goes into crafting stand out offers that will highlight you as the best viable option for your industry.  Incorporate your spiritual gifts into the formatting of your offer to give you an unfair advantage over others within your industry.

Crafting Offers That Will Sell

module 02

Map out how to gain instant visibility to your brand & business within a short period. No longer publish content that doesn't speak directly to the needs of your audience. Create amazing content that will nurture by following the visibility strategy.

Visibility + Content Conversion 

module 03

Discover how to launch and sell your offers or services to a group of dreamy clients who's beyond eager to buy your offers or services. Map out your big picture income goal using the Breakthrough Income goal. Launch and sell with complete ease and confidence.

Launching & Selling

module 04

bonus 03

bonus o2

bonus o1


To help give you strategic, actionable steps you’ll need to take in order to grow your business.

Accountability from your peers will accelerate your growth. 

Having a resource library with templates, swipe files will give you additional help outside of our strategic sessions

Keonna shaw

I did it!! i hit my goal! 25 sales in the month of oct. ! My mindset related towards business has never been better

Craft better content that speaks to your ideal audience without removing God for your messaging or business model. 


Gain visibility to your brand and business to sell your offers without wondering if your audience desires what you're offering. Use this same foundation to build out all of your signature offers.


Crystal clear clarity on your ideal audience, messaging, how to build a magnetic build that will build authority and positioning.


Hey Sis, come expecting these results

You're going to get

Andrea S.

I am so glad that I have made an investment in this course. My business has been booming ever since!

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Week day Voxer Support

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Pay In Full For Breakthrough At $2,500

4 Monthly Breakthrough Investments of $625

extended payment

6 Monthly Breakthrough Investments Of $416

Angel M.

I have learnt so much about not only the creative side of things but the business side of things too.

successful  Business

It's time to change your life. It's time to start owning a

To ensure that I am creating a healthy working culture inside of Breakthrough Mini I will terminate your contract and remove you from the program if you're unable to participate in the program ( calls, FB group). If you need more clarification around this topic please email me

will you off board me if i stop showing up for the meeting?


I cannot promise that you'll make $10k in business revenue from this program but, what I can promise is that I have invested time, and energy into the development of my business so you will leave with knowledge that will help you to make $10k/months.

Can you promise that I'll make at least $10k?


No, it doesnt matter how far you're into your business journey but you must have some sort of an idea that God has called you to entreprenuership.

Does it matter how far I am to join?


Breakthrough Mini Mind does cater to Christian Women but not limited to only Christian Entrepreneurs

Is this program geared for only Christian entrepreneurs?


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