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We’ve all had that feeling before. You know that feeling of having everything you prayed for, but yet it’s still not enough.

The feeling of being on a constant hamster wheel searching for happiness, Placing our hope and acceptance in things hoping that it will give you contentment.

Quite frankly, I’ve been there more than what I would like to recall.

And many of you guys are currently wondering, “what are some ways to become content with your life” for us to be content, we must first change our perspective on our life.

By altering our mindset, we can see things in a healthier way, which will allow us to live a more content life.

Sounds fun, right? Are you ready to pursue a content life?

Here are 8 ways to become more content with you life 

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8 ways to become more content

1. Eliminate the belief that your life isn’t worthy

One of the things thats hindering you from living a content life is your misplaced beliefs. You have placed your belief in the fact that everyone else life is better than yours.

So in return, you’ll start to compare and diminish what God is doing in your life right now. Leaving room for jelaously.

Aint nobody got time for that!

Release any negative belief that you have about yourself – your life is just as worthy as the people you’re comparing yourself up against! Renew your mindset and allow for contentment to invade your heart!

2. Stop focusing on your weakness and highlight your strengths

We spend so much of our time comparing and tearing down ourselves, focusing solely on our weakness. When searching for living a content life, what are your strengths? Discover or rediscover what makes up you, Emphasize that part of your life!

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3. Meditate on the word of God-

My favorite scriptures to read is Philippians 4:12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” 

The writer apostle Paul writes that through whatever situation that he is in, whether happy, rich, or poor, he has mastered contentment.

Honestly, true satisfaction comes from the Lord.

Without him, you will forever run on that hamster wheel, trying to fill yourself up with the world’s view of happiness.

Meditate on God’s word. Fill and build yourself up in him!

4. Pause. Restart. Breathe-

Some of us need to pause our lives!

To breathe! Let’s all breathe shall we!

It’s honestly okay if you do not have your whole life planned out, it’s okay if you’re still at the starting point.


And press play whenever you’re ready!

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5. Create a gratitude & mindfulness journal-

Within your journal, write down daily gratitudes that you would like to recite or look for ways you can practice mindfulness.

Sometimes when we’re comparing our lives, we forget all of the fantastic things that are happening in our lives.

All of the obstacles that God has allowed for us to overcome.

I’ll be the first to say that every morning I wake up, I journal what I’m thankful for, to realign me.

And sometimes small exercises like this will realign us so that we can find the beauty in our lives.

6. Include a personal growth metric-

How often do you look back to where you once were and where you’re now?

When including a particular growth mindset into your life, you’re saying I’m not where I use to be so I can find contentment in the fact that the person I used to be is no longer present, so I will be satisfied with the person I am today!

This part gets me all excited!

I love seeing how far I’ve come, what about you?

7. Surround yourself with family-

As you guys know here, I am a big believer in the community!

Isolation is never the go-to method when you start to feel discontent with your life plug yourself back into your reality.

That’s with your family and friends! And less trapped in your thoughts.

8. Reflect-

Reflect to see what’s tearing away your contentment.

Maybe you misplaced your values, perhaps you’ve looked for acceptance with people who will never love or accept you the way you ought to be loved and cherished.

Use this reflection time as a way to enjoy yourself.


Now it’s your turn, comment on what tip has helped you to live a content life?






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