8 Things You Should Do At The Beginning Of The Month


The beginning of a new month is always such an exhilarating moment, but also a dreaded reminder that I did not accomplish half the task on my last month’s to-do list.

There’s no shame here (if you are agreeing).

Since then, I have now set up systems to take the chaotic out of the month so I can now be super productive without the guilt of looking over my last month’s calendar to see I have accomplished little.

These eight things will help you stay organized and ultra productive so that at end of the month you’re excited about your previous months’ growth.

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8 things to do at the beginning of the month



Set Spiritual Goals At The Beginning Of The Month

I desire that as long as I breathe that I will live in communion with God.

And at the beginning of each month ( more like each day ) I like to overlook to see where I could have grown, whether it is intellectually or emotionally.

As time and busy schedules overwhelm us, it is natural to pull away from God and focus all of your energy on building and sustaining that self-sufficient relationship without God.

To gain and leverage your relationship with God it’s super important to sit down and ask God tips and tricks on how to grow and flourish in your walk and obedience to him.

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Set Life Goals At The Beginning Of The Month

At the beginning of each month, set realistic and measurable goals for your life.

Each month represents another opportunity to scale and aim higher not only in your personal life but professionally as well.

Jot down some of the things you would like to accomplish within this month and set applicable steps you must need to achieve those goals.

Family: As a busy entrepreneur, it’s sometimes natural to push your family and your relationships to the back of your life while you scale your business.

And throughout this journey, I have had plenty of months where I am nose deep into planning content, and booking coaching sessions that I overlook my family.

Setting up goals and creating that space for your family will keep you from being a slave to your job.

Health: Set up a fitness + health routine for the month.

As we dive back into our normal routine, getting back on a health and fitness schedule will keep you strong and healthy.

Create A Self Care Routine

Each month you should crave and create time to decompress.

Not only is it vital for your business (or corporate America job) but it’s vital for your sanity.

Add in days that you would like to focus on yourself to watch Netflix or just enjoy life without the hustle and bustle of life.

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Learn Something New- Improve A Skill Set

Alexa, please play level up by Ciara!

Each month allows you to learn either a new technique or invest in something that will help grow you or your brand. Which in the end this will elevate stagnation within your personal life or business life.

  • Want to learn a new marketing strategy- do it!
  • Want to build financial freedom- Read about it!
  • Want to learn a new trade- enroll in it!


Income Goal- Budget At The Beginning Of The Month

As a full-time entrepreneur, it’s important to make sure you’re scaling in your business. To properly scale in your business and personal life, one must create a monthly income goal.

The #faithbabe income tracker will allow you to hit and surpass your income goals. Besides hitting your goal, it’s very important at the beginning of each month you’re gathering your monthly expenses such as

  • Bill Expense
  • Grocery Expense
  •  Business Expense

When you’re ahead of the game with your finances you are setting yourself up for success. Boss girl bloggers explained more about setting and managing an income goal in-depth, click here to read.



Reflect— On Previous Months Hiccups

The name of the game is “Growth” now here at aundrawilliams.com I pride myself on introducing slow and steady growth.

And each month gives you the opportunity to improve and grow in areas that weren’t so successful last month.

Overlook areas within your life that could use some improvement, jot down a few applicable steps you must take to get there, and what you must rid yourself from to make strides to your ultimate destination.

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Schedule Social Media Content

At the start of each month, I prefer to overlook my social media accounts to see if I need to alter my brand and marketing strategies.

Now, if you’re planning on starting to develop into a social media influencer, delivering content prepared away in advance will take the hectic out of your life.

Planning your content will grant you to escalate your growth.


Clean Out Old Files

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn was the importance of cleaning out your files so you do not risk killing your laptop’s hard drive.

Trust me, it is a costly fix.

At the end of every month, I clean out my useless files.

Now it’s time to start your month like a boss!

These little tasks will not only make your month smoother but, it will take the chaotic out of your day.
Comment on what do you do at the beginning of each month.

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