6 inspirational blogs you must follow!



Since we’re family here, I cannot withhold anything good from you guy’s.

I want to introduce 6 inspirational blogs you must follow!

Trust me!

Each blogger on this list is amazing and, their blogs are power packed with so much information!

Such as faith topics, celibacy  and learning how to overcome certain struggles that we might encounter through life. You name it!

These bloggers have blogged on it.

How awesome right?

And the best part is not only have these 6 inspirational blogs helped me and many others but, they all have a beautiful welcoming personality.

Which is the biggest take away!

They have all spent extra time catering, nursing people back to a healthy place within their lives! Which is pretty amazing!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Their blogs has inspired many so I’m pretty stoked to introduce them to you. 🙂


Here are the top 6  inspirational blogs you must follow!

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6  Inspirational Blogs You Must Follow!

7 inspirational blogs you must follow

Kareema Alston/ KareemaKnows.com


On June 26, 2016, Kareema’s life forever changed when she made a vow to God that she would wait until marriage to give herself away. What she thought was a personal decision, led her to her purpose.

On January 1, 2017, Kareema launched Kareema Knows, which is a platform she uses to discuss celibacy, singleness and relationships from a Godly perspective.

A few months after launching Kareema Knows, Kareema received a call from Bishop Melvin A. Jenkins, who pastored her while she attended Victory Christian Assembly (VCA), requesting her to come back to VCA to speak with young adults about celibacy and share her own testimony about her celibacy journey.

Kareema started mentoring a small group of young women who were already celibate or interested in kick starting their celibacy journey.

Over three years later, from the date Kareema started her celibacy journey, her Kareema Knows platform has grown. She inspires, encourages and supports women from all over while they are in their waiting season.

Follow IG @KareemaKnows

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www.aundrawilliams.com Aymber Young/IG: FaithwithAymber

Aspiring full-time entrepreneur. Aymber is a licensed minister where she ministers the gospel through her local church. She took things online, and that is where she uploads inspirational social post on Instagram and Facebook. She is passionate about serving the public,  teaching how to grow in your faith. She’s rebranding her website to cater to a larger quality group of people.
FB: FaithfullyLivingCo


Kanisha Parks/ GoodReportEditorial.com

A writer and minister based in Augusta GA. She started writing at 7 years old and have been fortunate enough to make a career out of doing so. She spent her early twenties writing for other sites.

In 2018 she shifted to writing only Christian content and starting working with other Christian writers on their projects. In 2019 she founded her writing company, GoodReport Editorial, where she is blessed to help other Christian authors craft their God-given messages to be beneficial for the body of Christ. We are still growing and have some exciting projects coming up in 2020! I am passionate about God and ministry because having a personal relationship with God has transformed my life in the most incredible ways. In my personal writing, I write poetry and women’s devotionals. My ministry centers on helping young Christian
women, single women, identify themselves in Christ and find their purpose in Him alone.

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7 inspirational bloggers you must follow

Majah David/royaltymindset.com

Majah, known as “Queen”, is a Christian, blogger, and creative. Through her many gifts, Majah is on a mission to transform churches, businesses, and the lives of others. In 2015, just four days after graduating high school, she launched her blog, Royalty Mindset. The Royalty Mindset social space is a place of comfort and encouragement. Majah seeks daily to inspire and encourage others using the voice God has given her.

As a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Majah is carving out a special place to push others to love God, follow excellence and pursue their dreams. Along with the blog, she uses her entrepreneurship and creative skills for various ventures and the building of an empire. She has an online shop with blog apparel and in April 2019 she began “Majah Made It”. #MajahMadeIt uses her creative side, allowing her to create graphic designs and custom apparel.

Her signature pearls are a statement of rare value that she possess. With a hair ever out of place, she is more than a pretty face. Majah is a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. She is a recognized entrepreneur representing and building her brand

Daily. Oprah Winfrey is quoted as saying “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” This reflects Queen Majah. She is making a difference causing others around the world to shift their minds to a ROYAL perspective!

Instagram: @Queen_Majah

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7 inspirational blogs to follow

Alexis Greene/ProjectSonshine.com

Alexis Greene is a speaker, blogger, and author who loves to inspire the people of God. She is the founder of Project Sonshine. Project Sonshine is a God centered brand that focuses on the people of God walking in his light. Alexis’ life is a story similar to the prodigal son, and she hasn’t always lived her life in the light of God. She isn’t afraid to share all that she’s been through and how she overcame in Christ and how he is renewing and keeping her every day.Through writing, podcasting, and inspirational videos she encourages those around her to live a life of light in Christ. As she is growing into her authentic life in Christ, she urges others to seek God in all things and always and to be true to the unique nature of who God has called them to be. Why be a clone when you’re one in a million?
Instagram: projectsonshine
Podcast: P.S. The podcast: available on iTunes/podcast app and stitcher(for Android)

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6 inspirational blogs you must follow

Andrea Shaull/www.thejesusleader.com

Andrea is all about advancing the Kingdom of God by helping women in ministry grow an flourish in their ultimate calling to love God, love their neighbor and make disciples.As a child, Andrea was frequently found preaching to her stuffed animals and even leading her dog in a prayer of salvation. She always wondered if God could someday use her to serve and lead in His church.

Not knowing what to do with her calling, she earned her MBA and ran a vibrant small business incubator. After years of wrestling with God, she accepted the call to ministry and earned her MDiv. She always wondered if God could someday use her to serve and lead in His church.

Not knowing what to do with her calling, she earned her MBA and ran a vibrant small business incubator. After years of wrestling with God, she accepted the call to ministry and earned her MDiv.

Andrea began serving as a Discipleship Pastor and later a Church Planter and Lead Pastor. Andrea is most passionate about helping develop vibrant and confident leaders in the Church.

 She now does that through creating resources on www. thejesusleader.com and speaking at a variety of events and churches. She and her husband, who is a Worship Pastor, live in Oklahoma. She also loves dresses, bold jewelry, cheap coffee with lots of cream and laughing until her belly hurts.

6 inspirational blogs you must follow

Shakiya Mackall/ purityvanity.com

Shakiya is a social media influencer and content creator for the blog and YouTube channel Purity Vanity. After struggling with identity and worth, God began to reveal Himself to her and she seen her life transform! As she began to grow, she seen how many struggled in the areas of identity and knowing their true beauty in Christ. Wanting others to experience the same wonderful transformation, she knew God gave her a voice to be the light in these areas. While in college she felt led to create her blog Purity Vanity to spread the truth about how God views each and every one of us and how that effects every area of our lives. She hopes when her readers see her content they will be inspired to glow and grow into who God created them to be! And that they would most importantly know how much He loves them! 

YouTube: Purity Vanity 


There you have it! My 6 inspirational blogs you must follow!
Comment a couple of your favorite blog websites!



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