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If you’re anything like me, then you know how it feels to struggle with calming an anxious mind.

For some time, I have struggled with my anxiety due to PTSD. I remember my anxiety caused me to treat specific aspects of life as a threat.

Often in this state of mind, you’ll feel as if you’re drowning in your thoughts.

Your fear becomes heightened, which in the end limits you from functioning normally.

To calm your anxious mind, I wanted to share the tips that have helped me create and cultivate a safe and peaceful mindset for myself.



One of the things you’ll find yourself doing when having an anxious mind is having improper breathing.

You’ll begin to tense up in the shoulders, your tongue will become shoved to the roof of your mouth, and your mouth will become pitched tight.

Limiting the proper amount of air to your brain translates to your body that you’re in danger also known as “panic attacks“.

To counteract holding our breath, I started to implement a breathing strategy that will help you to release anxious thoughts.

First, begin by inhaling, and as you’re exhaling verbally, speak out whatever the anxious thought is by saying, “ I will not, or I am not.” For instance, “ I will not allow for negative anxious thoughts to overtake my life.”

These breathing methods allow you to thought label and release anxious patterns before they blossom into anxiety full term.

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When you’re battling with calming your anxious mind, it can become impossible to sort through your thoughts.

It’s like you’re having thought overload, somewhat positive or negative thoughts come rushing in. And if you’re like me, I become overwhelmed quickly when my thoughts are racing.

Talk about stress, so whenever I am struggling with calming myself down, I go to the safest place. And that is hiding behind God’s word.

His word is our refuge against every storm of life. All you have to do, ask God to fill up your thoughts with his thoughts.

God’s thoughts are of peace, so if we’re not operating in peace, we have uprooted ourselves from God.

And I speak from experience, the more I hide behind God, the more he renews my mind, giving me peace. And that is the whole point of this to find peace in our thoughts so that we’re able to function correctly.


Imagine taking off anxiety, how awesome would that look in the physical realm.

Pretty impressive, I’m sure, well, that’s what God is requesting of us.

In 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you“.

God is demanding that we cast all of our anxiety unto him.

Meaning, take it off, ask yourself what is causing you to have anxiety? Is it fear? Stress? Worry?

Whatever that thing is, give it to God.

Trust me; it’s such an even exchange because, in return, you get to experience what a calm mind feels like when you have a hard time calming your anxious mind.

Trust me, my friend, it’s not something you want to give up!

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What does your community of support look like when your anxiety is at an all-time high?

Trust me, attempting to fight anxiety alone is painful. Surround yourself with people who will speak peace into your life.

Maybe your community could help rationalize your thoughts so that you’re not drowning in sorting through them alone.

If you’re new here, I am REAL BIG on the community! Life becomes better when you have a community that loves and supports you.



One of my favorite things to do when struggling to calm my anxious mind is journaling; Here is an impromptu journal prompt to help with thinking of ways to release anxiety.

1. How would you rate your current leave of peace?
2. What was the biggest challenge of today that made you have anxiety?
3. What are some quick ways you can nourish your mind?
4. What am I the most worried about today?
5. Have any of my fears, worries been proven correct?
6. What would be the most important lesson/take away if I stopped worrying, having anxiety?


Journal daily, until you’re able to master peace within your mind.

Now its your turn comment below, which tip helped you the most?













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