August 25, 2020


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Some people may not relate 100% to this title. They don’t understand what it’s like to suffer from alopecia or hereditary hair loss.

They have probably never washed or combed their hair to see that there is more hair in the drain or the hairbrush then there is on the head.

Many will think,why wear wigs when you have some hair”. And when I say many,” I am referring to the ones who have long gorgeous locks of hair.

But they don’t understand, and they’ve never experienced the decline of having your hair fall out in chunks from necessary leisure activities or possibly sitting in the radiation chair.

Some will suggest many hair growth products to encourage growth, but they don’t understand that it’s not that cut it dry when it comes to hair loss.

But then there are others, and maybe you’re that person who has suffered from hair loss, and your self-confidence is declining by the day, and all you want to do is feel beautiful again with having a head full of hair.

Well, I am one of those people.

I have suffered from a mild case of alopecia and hair loss from a young age, and all I ever wanted was a head full of hair like how my peers had.

We are the ones who are yearning so desperately for an answer to our question ofhow do I gain a full head of hair when my hair isn’t growing.”

Below I have listed some of my inexpensive top wigs for black hair.

I will give you the pros and cons of the wigs, and depending on your hair, what extra tools you may need to help keep your hairpiece in place.

If you’re not dealing with hair loss but want some cute wigs on a budget, you can still use this guide to help you choose a wig that perfectly fits you.





Valentina is by far one of my inexpensive top wigs to purchase for black hair.

It has a 6×6 swiss lace parting, which means you can part the wig; however, you please without worrying whether the wig would come across as unnatural.

The wig price point is also budget-friendly so much that I have been able to buy this wig—multiple times!

You never know if it would be a random shortage, that’s how much I love this wig.

CONS: Since the wig is synthetic, the wig’s storage life ranges from 3-5 months depending on if you wear this wig everyday. I wore it every day, and it lasted me five months.

But since the wig is super affordable, I was able to purchase Valentina as soon as it became unmanageable. Buy it here

( FYI: Depending on if you have hair or need extra protection use this wig grip to keep your wig from sliding off your head. Its the best!)


Valentino is such a babe! Seriously!

If you’re looking for color without spending thousands of dollars on 100% human hair wigs, this should be your go-to wig.

Whenever I wore this wig, I received numerous amounts of compliments. The multiple shades of blonde will compliment any skin tone.

So if you’re a chocolate babe such as myself, do not be weary! It has enhanced undertones and features on multiple hues of skin tones.

I purchased this wig numerous times because the price point is perfect and offered me that pop of color without breaking the bank.

CONS: Valentino does shed a little, but it’s expected with wigs.

It does also get tangled at the ends. But with a bit of dry shampoo and detangling spray. I was able to wear this wig for four months. Buy it here

What do you think? Super cute, right?


Unlike the first wig afro wig ( Valentina), Aisi Queen is perfect for the ones who are looking for a light splash of color without wearing extreme color.

( you may notice throughout this list that I love blonde highlight- I have found my golden color and I have been obsessed with it).

Aisi Queen is full of life, not only with the color but also with the hair’s density. If you like full hair, this is the perfect wig for you.

CONS: Aisi Queen doesn’t come with backcombs, so you’ll rely heavily upon the wig grip to keep your wig in place.

Depending on the strength of your natural hair you may or may not need the wig grip, but since my hair is fragile due to hair loss this wig wouldn’t stay without it. But overall it’s a beautiful wig that’s worthy of purchasing. Buy it here


4. Milky Way Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig Harmony 

5 inexpensive wigs for black hair

If you’re looking for a super classic look, Milky Way is the best route.

This wig offers such a sophisticated, polished look that is perfect for those who are not into color or big fluffy hair.

I purchased this wig in the color 1b, and it was beautiful. The blunt end offered just the right amount of sass.

CONS: Since this wig doesn’t have any human hair fibers, it doesn’t last two months.

As many of my points, if you wear this wig occasionally, it will last six months. Buy it here


Shataya is probably one of my favorite inexpensive wigs!

This wig is gorgeous, with is loose beach waves and lightweight structure. If I could place ten thousand hearts for this wig, I would!

No Seriously!

I purchased this wig in the color 1b, and it was such beauty on me.

CONS: This wig does shed! I mean a lot! But, it was super pretty that I honestly didn’t mind the shedding.

Moving forward, I wouldn’t cut the lace so harshly as I did because I caused a lot of the shedding.

But, if you cut the wig accurately, the shedding should be minimal at best. Buy it here


There are so many wigs that didn’t make a list, so here are the wigs’ names if you would like to look into them!
It’s honestly so hard to cut my list down, but I managed to slightly haha.


Now it’s your time comment which wig is your favorite!







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