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You are here because you’re wondering how to start a blog, am I correct?

I recall when I first launched my blog it was such a freeing time for me because it appeared like the universe was coordinating for me and I found my passion. For years I struggled with finding my place in life, a friend of my suggested for me to start my blog website.

I shot the idea down because I thought the blogging world was overly saturated, and little ole me wouldn’t start and launch a blog. And If I started, where would I go to learn how to start a blog for aspiring bloggers .

If you’re thinking way I want you to dismiss those thoughts right now!

They created you for this, and I know you may have hesitation wondering “can I do this”.

Yes! You got this! I am here to help!! 🙂

Here is your ultimate guide on how to start a blog and crush the blogging world with your fresh innovate ideas 🙂

How to start a blog

Step 1- Vision board

Vision boarding is one of the most essential steps for starting your blog, it’s a step that often get overlooked or doesn’t get that proper amount of time spent on.

I would like for you to create a vision board for your new blog– this board could be whatever you want it to be. It could a doodle sketch of all your ideas if that what works for you. (that what I did, lol)

What to include within your vision board?

1.  Why do I want to start a blog?

2. List your niche (s) that you’re interested in?

2a. Am I passionate about my niche (s)  to where I could produce excellent quality content consistently?

Unsure what a niche is?

A niche audience is a subgroup of a company’s main targeted audience. This specific audience is a selective group of people who have specific wants, needs and interests. Small but mighty niche audiences hold great value for brands and their success.

3. What is the overall mission of my blog?

4. Do I have a budget set aside to help with the beginning initial fees to start a blog?

5. Who is my target audience?

5a. Is there a certain age bracket that you’re leaning more towards to?

6. What problem can I solve with limited to no help from outsourcing?

Pro tip: What does your family and friends always ask for your opinion on? Maybe its relationships? Finances? Self growth?

7. What is my geographic preference?

Vision boarding is all about answering all those small microscope questions that some might ignore until they become a season blogger.

But one of the hidden tricks about blogging is being detailed oriented and answering tough questions that you may not know the answers to initially, which is why you create a vision board of what you internally see.

So schedule time to sit and paint your vision before you become hands on. Do not rush this process! Remember to set your own pace and go at the speed that works best with you to start your blog.

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How to start a blog

Step 2- Choose your domain name.

Here is where you’ll get to showcase your personality and allow us to dive deeper into knowing you. Your domain name is your virtual alias name.

Now, this process is such a fun process but I want for you to choose a domain name that can grow with you as your brand grows. I know some bloggers aren’t totally against name changing but;I believe that it’s such a mighty risk to name change after you’ve built and established a blog.

1. When choosing your name think long term, could your name grow with you as you evolve?

2. Does the  domain name reflect your blog?

Choosing a name that screams you, a name that was plotted out with much consideration. With me there were tons of domain names that came up so before you make that purchase include your family and close friends into this decision.

Ask their opinions on the name and allow them to give you their outlook on things.

The name I went with was a name that my now decease father gave me; which is Aundra. The name holds value to me and it’s something that I hold near to me. Which was different using a brand name such as 

1. www.

You have the option to go more intimate and choose a domain name that holds semimetal value to you!

Check to see if the name is accessible and you can do that here. If the name isn’t available, do not become discouraged just continue to think of other alternatives.


Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Bluehost, and will receive a commission if you sign up through my referral link. This is at no additional cost to you, and you will get great pricing and a free domain name through my link 🙂How to start a blog


Step 3-  Choose a hosting (Bluehost)

Your steps away from creating and launching your blog.

Now it’s time to put all the pieces together and choose the perfect hosting for your blog. There are tons of hosting sites out there but none of them compares to Bluehost.

Here’s the real tea:

I am not a 6 figure blogger yet so I need prices that will accommodate my current wages- in the vision board process I wrote to have a budget I said that because choosing a budget friendly hosting will be your ideal nesting ground.

Plus, if you’re not tech savvy such as myself I need an excellent customer service unit to help this girl out, lol.

Just the other day I experimented with coding on my website and it didn’t go as planned, HAA!

So choose a hosting that will help and I believe that Bluehost is the ideal hosting for aspiring bloggers! I wouldn’t suggest anything that I haven’t used personally for the past 4 years.

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The set up process..

1. Go to

how to start a blog

2. Click the green get started button which it will bring you to the page to choose a plan (choose a plan that best fits your budget)

If you need additional help the customer service is awesome so they can answer all of your questions so that you’re getting the best plan for your blog

how to start a blog


3. Set up your domain name that you choose! (go back up to the domain section if you’re unsure)
how to start a blog

4. Fill in the account information.

5. Now you’re at the payment screen information, fill in your payment source.

how to start a blog

6. Now, you’ll see all of your package and account information plus all of your package extras 🙂

(The package extras are a God sent gift! lol)

7. Now, it’s time to create a password for your new Bluehost account.


8. Nice work!!!! It’s time to login your account * whoot whoot*!  (Make sure you remember your new password that you created in step #7

.How to start a blog

9. Login to your new account


10. Yay! Now, you’ll name your new blog (website)

11. Tell more about your website!!

12. Pick a new theme for your website 🙂

13. Connect your WordPress- If you need more help here is a more in-depth explanation

14. Now it’s time to build and constructing your website.


15.  After you’re done creating and building your website you will now see the cPanel of your bluest which is where you’ll find all the database, file manager information, security for your website. Look through things to get better acquainted with your cPanel.


16. Woohooo! You’ve made it to the end. Now, it’s time to install plugins your theme and customize your website.

You can find all that information in the ” Appearance” next ” Customize” and it will bring up the back end of your blog

If you need help check out my bloggers course to help drive traffic to your website.

. how to start a blog



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