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Do you feel as if your focus on God has drifted due to how busy your schedule is now?

Ai Yai Yai!

Some days I am clobbered at the end of the day. And all I want to do is sleep and rest in the fact that the day is over.

Can you relate?

So how does one focus on God when they have a busy schedule?


Come with me and I’ll show you how I managed to include God more into an already jammed packed schedule.

Grab your popcorn and treats, haha.

This will be interesting ūüôā


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1. Ask God to show you the top priorities of the day!

 Ephesians 5:15-17- Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of your time because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish but, understand what the will go the Lord is. 

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you’re aimlessly striving after the task(s) that weren’t supposed to be fulfilled within that day.

By consulting God on the ” plan for today’s 24hrs,” you’re allowing yourself to gain direction on instruction on how to be the most purposefully within your day.

Many of us boggles ourselves down with insignificant things that distract us from actually doing the things God has assigned within that day.

My suggestion will be to ask God how to manage your time correctly.

So that you’re accomplishing the things that God has set forth for you to achieve because, at the end of the day, if you’re not asking God to guide you-you will feel unaccomplished and not fulfilled. Pray and God to show you the top priorities of your day.

If you work in corporate America or newly mom or wife, it is essential to seek God to help you to create a priority chart.

Be specific with your prayer request unto God.

Make your request known unto God that you need help, that you’re drowning. Do not be afraid to be raw and authentic to God.

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2. Ask God to give you set time on how long He would like for you to spend on specific tasks/assignments.

To help restructure you, God needs your full obedience to your schedule.

Yikes! I know that sounds scary to some but, trust me surrendering your schedule  over to God will do you more good than harm.

Many of us spend hours and hours entertaining things within our day that are just vanity.

It has no purpose; we all are guilty of this, but to help alleviate the weight of life, surrender your schedule to God.

When I created my faith babe coaching God gave me a certain amount of time throughout the day to spend on my website and building my courses.

The goal is to free up time so that you have ample amount of time to spend with God. So look for things within your life that you spend a little too much time entertaining.

Set timers if need be!!! They will be your life line.

If you have children set them on a schedule so that you may have a short time to spend with God, set up routinely plans during this season, being spontaneous isn’t always ideal when you have a full plate.

Set up a time frame that you would like to be done with your workday.

It may take re-accommodating your work schedule.

But, as mentioned previously, we’re destined to stay focus on God until he calls us home, so your relationship with God is important enough to switch around things.

B. Obey God’s order and not exceed the time he has graced you

Obey God’s commands and follow his instruction.

If God pressed upon your heart to get off of social media after 10 hours following his voice.

We have to listen to him because we’re the ones in need!

We’re the distracted ones, and we’re the ones who need to be refocused, so if God points out areas in your life that are snatching away, your focus spends less time on it.

Honor that he knows what’s best- our goal is to stay committed to God during this season of our lives, so if it means less time on specific projects, then trust that God knows what’s best.

If God has planted that idea within you to start up _____, ______, _____ then trust that he will allow it to come into full completion. It may not be on our time, but it will get done at the speed that God has set for it to be done.¬†The race isn’t given to the swiftest but, he that endureth till the end { Ecc. 9;11}¬†

If you want to endure until the end, honor God’s time and listen to his voice. When He says “its time to be done” listen intently, the goal is to stay focused on God during this season not to add to our schedule but, to sort out what’s causing our frustration.


3. Pray, Read your Bible!

You may be thinking to yourself, ” Aundra, I have two kids under four how can I possibly spend time praying and reading when I am on the go.”

Schedule time to pray & mediate upon Gods word. Doesn’t have to be for hours but, try to include it in your schedule.¬†

God doesn’t always have to be in the perimeters of your prayer closet.

Take advantage of audible bibles, bible studies.

Anything that will be efficient to you during this time will keep you planted will be your go-to friend. We’re called to be ever-growing, and if you uproot yourself from your nutrients, which is God, you will strut your growth. Little effort is better than nothing.

If you have added all the other steps easing into the last piece should be easier for you.



Your focus is off-balanced because your priorities are off-balanced.

Ask yourself, are my priorities in God, or are my priorities wrapped in my schedule?

Do I spend more time dealing with my overwhelming schedule vs. just merely asking God to help me manage my schedule so that I may have more time for him? It is as simple as 1,2,3!

Let’s tackle our schedule! Comment below how you’re aiming to stay focused on God!




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