March 18, 2020

3 awesome benefits of morning prayer to kickstart your day

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Throughout my early years of walking with God, I was blinded to how important morning prayer was.

I spent countless mornings scrolling through social media until my finger went numb, responding to emails everything one could do in the morning besides praying.

Not much of a shocker there, right?

Sadly, that’s many of our morning routines.

Over the past two years, I’ve adopted this mindset of early morning prayer, and God has radically changed my life through that tiny mindset shift.

Through those precious moments of morning prayer, God downloaded so many amazing things within me I wanted to share.

EKKKK!! So excited!

The next daylight is slowly approaching, so let us dive into the three awesome benefits of morning prayer and how we can incorporate God back into the beginning our day.

Psalm 5:3” Each morning I will look to you and in heaven and lay my request before you, praying earnestly”.


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3 awesome benefits of morning prayer to kickstart your day


#1- Benefit of Morning Prayer

1. Provision

The very first benefit of why pray in the morning is because you’re acknowledging God.

We’re saying to God, you’re more important than social media, you’re more important than responding to emails.

In Proverbs 3:6, it says, “In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.

So even if you do not spend hours soaking in the presence of God, God has acknowledged that you seek first to seek him.

If we were to look in Genesis 1 & John 1.

Trust me, the number was a coincidence, but let us piggyback off that.

John says, in the beginning, was God. Genesis says in the beginnings, so waking up and first acknowledging God, giving honor to Him is required.

As we recognize God, He crowns our effort by giving us a smooth day.

A day of less frustration, and who doesn’t love that?

Let us put God back into the beginning of our day, and that starts early in the morning.

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#2– Benefit of Morning Prayer

2. Strength

As we’re looking to God during our morning prayer, God sees that we’re relying upon him.

We define the word look upon, is relying upon, trusting in God.

So as we pray early in the morning, we have that free space to rely upon him for the strength that we need to carry out our day’s mission.

Life is hard, but, with the help of Jesus, he eases the weight of life.

Through morning prayer, you’re coming before the Lord” requesting earnestly of him” to give you the strength, the courage, the grace to fulfill the day.

How awesome, right?

That extra strength coffee with a dab of cream isn’t strong enough sometimes.

We need the self-assurance that God is giving us the strength that we need.

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3 awesome benefits of morning prayer to kickstart your day

#3- Benefit of Morning Prayer

3. Protection

When we wake up in the morning to pray, we’re praying earnestly that God protects our day.

We get that precious opportunity before the shuffle of life hits us to pray that God protects our family.

Before we send our children off to school, before we kiss our significant other goodbye for the day, we gain the satisfaction of knowing that we have asked the Lord to protect them as they leave the four walls of your home.

Life can sometimes be so hectic, but if we plug God back into the beginning of our morning, we gain that satisfaction of well done.

And who doesn’t love that?

God wants to be included not only in midday, but as soon as you open your eyes and inhale the freshness of your new day.

Daylight is slowly approaching.

Try to implement morning prayer into your new day.

Here are a few prayers that you can include into your morning prayer time.  



What does your morning alone time with God consist of?

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