15 Simple Self Care Ideas For Tough Days

self care ideas for tough days


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If you’re anything like me, you have had those days and weeks where it’s so hard to shake the mood that you’re in.

 Lately, my thoughts have been all over the place with just life.

 And contradictory to a lot of people Christians have tough days just like everyone else.

I’m usually always in a good mood, but other days, I’m pleading to God for strength. 

I do not have it all together ( my chipped toenail polish will contest that statement, lol), so I wanted to put together a list of the top self-care when you’re having a tough day

 SideNote: It is healthy to mention that it is perfectly fine to have days where all you want to do is watch Netflix and eat ice cream.

Hey! It’s no shame in my game, lol.

So don’t feel embarrassed if that’s your idea of self care whe you’re having a tough day.

So here is 15 Simple Self Care Ideas For Tough Days.

15 simple self care for tough days

15 Simple Self Care Ideas For Tough Days


1.Schedule alone uninterrupted time with God and pour out your heart. Tell him what’s bothering you, what’s making you overwhelmed or stressed? After you speak, sit and allow God to speak!

2. Journal: Whenever I am having a tough day, I always journal, whether in my notes in my phone or an actual journal. I journal everything.

When journaling sits with your feet on the floor, listen to background noise, and write. This helps you to relax. Always try to loosen up your shoulders and breathe while you’re writing.⠀

3. Mediate Upon God  Jesus, I ask for your peace,” “ Jesus, lead me beside quiet streams of water and restore my soul.” ⠀

4. Rest & Unplug: I love taking naps! Sleeping does wonders! haha.

Pull away from social media and the chaos of the world and just unplug and love on yourself.

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5. Recite Your Favorite Bible Scriptures: Here is my favorite Bible Scripture to recite about tough times Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

6. Play Worship instrumentals or relaxing instrumentals

7. Take a bubble bath

8. Watch your favorite Netflix movie/show: If you’re a fan of the show ” The Office” comment below which is your favorite character in the show? I love Dwight, lol.

9.Speak Affirmations: I have 25 affirmations to recite daily or even hourly 🙂 click here

10. Facials: Every Sunday is my designated Self Care day. I buy a pack of 5-10 facial sheets from Walmart or Ulta.

11. Indulge in self-love: I have 23 simple ways to practice self love using journal prompts click here.

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12. Get some fresh air: Find your nearest park and take a quick scroll throughout the trail.

13. Watch sermons on Youtube or Podcast: My favorite Pastor is Sarah Jakes Roberts, her messages are always uplifting and encourgaging.

14. Treat yourself: I love going to the movies solo, Its like the perfect self date night for me! Comment below your favorite solo date night?

15. Declutter your mind with Mind Dumping: Mind dumping helps me to focus without feeling weighed down with having an over active I system due to childhood trauma.

You could either journal  what you’re dumping or you can verbally speak out what you’re releasing from your heart and mind.


  Thank you so much for reading my 15 simple self care ideas for tough days!!

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 Comment below your self care ideas for tough days?








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